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11/06/2018 Video to DVD

Thank you so much for the amazing job you did transferring our wedding video from VHS to dvd!!! I had called other places but they were not local and they could not complete the transfer in time for my 20th wedding anniversary. For years, my husband and I would watch our wedding video as a way of celebrating our anniversary. For the last few years we have not been able to watch it because it was on VHS. I decided, last minute, to have it transferred to dvd as a gift for him. It was very last minute and you were able to make it happen!!!! Thank you again for making the gift possible:)

- Tina Jung from Edgewood

11/02/2018 35mm slide transfer

Five star experience !!!! Debbie did an outstanding job on transferring our slides into digital !!!!! Debbie was professional and punctual !!!! Thanks , Debbie for a job well done !!!!

- Marita Thelen from Florence, KY

11/02/2018 Home Movie Transfer

The Home Video Studio gave me a quality video that had images of my father, who passed away two years ago. It is such a comfort to be able to see my father's face and hear his voice again. Debbie is professional and truly cares about the work she does and the people she serves. I am so blessed by this video and even more blessed that I found such a great company that serves the community by providing quality work. I will treasure the gift of the video of my father forever. Thank you, Home Video Studio. I am eternally grateful.

- Shawnie Haskell from Dayton

10/26/2018 Video Services

Very professional from start to finish. We can now enjoy watching our old videos again and again! Defintely recommend Home Video Studio! Thank you so much!

- Brian Krinsky from Cleves

10/26/2018 Video Services

Perfect! So fun to be able to view old movies. Glad I found you and will definitely be back!

- Debbie Hollon from Independence

10/26/2018 Video to DVD

I took 6 tapes to have switched to dvd. I got them back in a quick manner and they are just perfect!!! Thanks so much!!!

- Heather Bieghle from Erlanger

10/23/2018 Home Movie Transfer

I was extremely pleased with the service I received from Home Video Studio. I had multiple 8mm reels of film, spanning several decades, that I wished to transfer to DVD and flash drive as a gift for my 95 year old father. Not all of them were labeled, so Deborah transferred them to individual files so I was able to view them and put them in order. I added captions so that the next generation would know who the people were and where and when the film was taken. Turnaround time was normally six weeks, but I had only five weeks until the party. She completed in time with a week to spare!

- Diane Chapman from Erlanger

10/20/2018 Home Movie Transfer

I am at delighted to give my highest recommendation to Deborah at Home Video Services! Our project involved transfer of a home movie from 1929, onto a thumb drive for presentation at a Church anniversary celebration. She had wonderful suggestions, as to how to provide an introductory page to lead in to the video. The quality of the finished product worked very well for us. And, we appreciated the fact that the services were provided on a very tight deadline. I am a fan of patronizing local, independent businesses, and more particularly women-owned businesses. I was not disappointed!

- Kit Hammons from Park Hills

10/20/2018 Duplications

I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly and accurately my job was completed. Thanks Home Video Studio!

- Mike McElwee from Union

10/18/2018 Video to DVD

I am grateful that Debbie was able to transfer the video of my wedding and reception from 23 years ago. Precious memories that she safely preserved for years to come. She’s amazing and I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thanks Debbie!

- Amy from Edgewood

10/08/2018 35mm slide transfer

I got what I needed done on time and very well for 50 yr. old slides. I am very pleased.

- Allen Thomas Jr. from Erlanger

10/06/2018 Audio Tape Transfer

I can't begin to express my appreciation enough! Deborah took my old cassettes and turned them in to amazing CD's. I thought my cassettes were old and lost. She made them sound like new! It didn't take long for her to get them back to me too!! I will return if I need anything transferred. I would highly recommend Home Video Studio for anything you need transferred. Am VERY happy with their service!

- Sandy Rose from Florence

10/05/2018 Duplications

Dropped off a dvd to be copied. Very easy to deal with, and was ready on a couple days! I am getting ready to have some very old 8mm family reels converted to a dvd!

- Theresa Gastright from Ft.Mitchell

10/03/2018 Home Movie Transfer

Took 2 rollls of 8mm movie film from 1972 to be transferred to DVD. It was more than I expected. Video was clear and music added to make it more enjoyable. In the near future, I plan to take the 8mm films from dad’s estate and have them transferred also. Great work and I will be referring other people to a Home Video Studio.

- Dick Wendeln from Florence

09/27/2018 Home Movie Transfer

What a great idea, I have many old VHS tapes, I took over 4 tapes from old birthday parties and had them done and had a party to watch them. Everyone that came was so surprised on the quality. The asked me where I had it done. It's a great idea for old family tapes, I'm having our old Christmas movies transferred and going to surprise my sister's. Can't wait. Thanks

- Michael Baker from Hebron

09/21/2018 Video to DVD

Yes, i honestly trust Debbie with my VHS tapes. These are home movies of my daughter and my grandkids that I treasure! Right away, I felt that Debbie would be able to help! She always assures me that she will take care of them, and she does an amazing job for me!??

- Sherry Wilder from Ludlow

09/08/2018 Video to DVD

Debbie did an amazing job transferring my VHS-c tapes to DVD. She saved amazing video of my grandson when he was little guy (who is now 21) and I couldn't be happier. Please don't hesitate to get your old tapes into Debbie for saving your old memories, you won't regret it.

- Catherine Code from Florence

09/08/2018 Video to DVD

We are delighted with the work you performed transferring our 8mm tape to DVD. It was a huge hit with the family. The quality, efficiency and friendliness of the service was outstanding. We have many more tapes to convert and you can be assured that we will engage your studio for the work.

- Randall Welsh from Liberty Township

09/01/2018 Audio Tape Transfer

I am thrilled with my CDs made from the tapes my Mother made years ago of her favorite music and artists! My first listening experience gave me the insight into my own taste in music!! Thank you, Deborah! These will be treasured and passed to my children!!

- gayla sherman from erlanger

09/01/2018 Video to DVD

Deborah at Home Video Studio has done a fantastic for us in transferring older VHS video as well as vintage 8mm and 16mm film to digital media. The films were one of a kind and historically invaluable to our museum collection. Her work is outstanding and she has been professional all the way. We'll certainly have more work done at Home Video Studio in the future. -- Tom Ladshaw, Vent Haven Museum, Inc.

- Tom Ladshaw from Taylor Mill

08/31/2018 Home Movie Transfer

It's such a blessing to find a business that does exactly what you need to have done and do it in a very competent, friendly and hassle-free way. Deborah did a great job of copying a very cherished, one of a kind VHS tape to a file that I could share with my family and convert to a DVD. She was also very helpful with the limited timeframe I had to get the copy made. I highly recommend Home Video Studio!

- Bill Tepe from Indpendence

08/31/2018 Home Movie Transfer

Debbie did a super job transferring my brothers 30 year old VHS tapes to DVD for our family. We are planning to give them to the family members for Christmas gifts. The tapes needed so.e work and she took good care of them...and us! Thanks Debbie for your help...

- Chris Sturgil from Florence

08/27/2018 Video to DVD

Home Video Studio seems to be a very professionally run service. Debbie is very polite and prompt. I had a VHS tape from 2003, in Kuwait, transferred to DVD(s) for myself and some Army buddies. It was done in a very timely manner. I would much prefer to deal with someone like Debbie, personally, rather than send my valued memories off to some remote location. I was highly satisfied, and would recommend Home Video Studio! Thank You!!

- John Conway from FLORENCE

08/27/2018 Home Movie Transfer

I have used Home Video Studio for all of our VHS transfers to DVD and am extremely satisfied with the work the Deborah provides as well as her attention to details and communication. She has transferred at 50 VHS videos for me and I feel so much better knowing that our family's videos will be around for future generations. Thank you so much!

- Mary Ohlinger-Pray from Cincinnati

08/13/2018 Video to DVD

We have used Home Video Studio a few times. We are very satisfied with the professional service and product delivered.

- Gary Jennings from Lakeside Park

08/12/2018 35mm slide transfer

Thanks again, Debbie! My mom found a box of old slides from the '70s and '80s, and I wanted to get them put into a digital file so we could see them clearly. They turned out great! I had never seen these photos before and what a nice surprise they'll be for my mom!

- Kay Philpot from Union

07/18/2018 Home Movie Transfer

Thank you Debbie! The videos and DVD's came out great!! I had years worth of tapes that had been collecting dust. So I bit the bullet and wanted to get them all transferred to DVD's. Amazing! Can't wait to share with my family. They look and sound awesome! Thank you again!!

- Christine from Hebron

07/16/2018 Home Movie Transfer

Loved working with Debbie. The transfer of my family 8mm movies to DVD was worth the investment. I surprised my siblings, and gave each a copy for them to share with their families. The memories are truly priceless. I highly recommend Home Video Studio.

- Marty Fritsch from Independencee

07/13/2018 Video Production

Debbie transferred my wedding video from vhs to a dvd. She did an amazing job. She also used that video along with precious photos to create a PhotoVideo Keepsake to tell our story. Totally blew my expectations out of the water! I can't thank her enough for preserving my memories and telling our story through video.

- Georgeann Pearson from Independence

06/27/2018 Home Movie Transfer

Quality work performed on 8mm film taken 40+ years ago converted to DVD. Very positive experience! I will definitely be back.

- m campbell from burlington

06/26/2018 Duplications

Their service was excellent and very professional and helpful. The work was great and I have enjoyed the two cd’s you copied for me. I thank you and will be back. Good luck!

- Jon Long from Villa Hills

06/08/2018 Home Movie Transfer

Im so excited to have found a place that i truly trust with my precious memories. Over 25 years of family times with the entire family who are all grown up with kids of their own. Now i get to show the new kids their parents at their age. I thank the 'home video studio'. Without this place being just what i was looking for, i would not be on this road of transfers because i truly treasure my home videos. 35 of them. Im going to be hanging out with this place for awhile and im very happy about that. Debbie is like the friend next door. Very real, very nice. Im so very lucky!

- Sherry wilder from Ludlow

06/07/2018 Home Movie Transfer

Debbie transferred 16-8mm video tapes for me. Did a great job. Fast, friendly service and a reasonable price. I would definitely recommend Debbie and Home Video Studio.

- Paul Isaacs from Union

06/03/2018 Video to DVD

Debbie thank you so much . The video that you copied to a d.v. d.. was of my son. He preformed in Carousel in 1995. My son passed away on Sept. 15th 2017.. So this will be treasured along with many sweet memories my family and I have. Thank you again.

- Theresa Terry from Ludlow Ky

06/02/2018 Video Production

Where to begin ... Debbie and her crew knocked it out of the park for us again. The video she produced for our spring figure skating show - Beyond The Fairy Tale - was just fabulous! All of our Northern Kentucky Skating Club families love having this memory of their skater and the show. We all know that we have nothing to worry about when Debbie is in charge.

- Lisa Black from Union

06/02/2018 Video Production

Deborah did a fantastic job . I needed to make a video from some old pictures for a friends birthday . it is wonderful ,very creatively constructed with a musical sound track . played it at the birthday party ,not a dry eye in the place . thank you -thank you

- jim g from cincinnati

05/19/2018 Home Movie Transfer

Home Video Studio was a rescue. I got lucky having one right down the road. Walgreens was going to charge me over $65 for one vhs transfer and told me it would take two weeks. Home Video Studio (Deborah) had it done in 3 business days and did two vhs tapes for $39. What a deal. I will only ever send people to her shop now if they ever need any of these services. Deborah was super nice and did a great job. Those old fragile vhs tapes are now digital and have been backed up so I won’.

- Adam from Florence

05/06/2018 Home Movie Transfer

Great job done by Home Video Studio and Debbie! My wife and I brought in several shopping bags full of home movies and dance recitals dating back 30 years. We had several formats converted to DVDs. They came back in 3 handy multisleeve cases with labels, including dates. Now we can easily enjoy our home movies!

- David Haverkamp from Fort Thomas

05/06/2018 Video to DVD

I was extremely pleased with the quality of the 32 year old VHS tapes which the Home Video Studio transferred to DVDs and a Flash Drive. I worried that if these were sent off site that these irreplaceable tapes of our daughter's youth would go missing or be damaged in transport. I also did not know what recourse I would have to an out of town company if they were lost or if the quality was not what I wanted. All of my fears were allayed by my choice, and I highly recommend Home Video Studio if you are looking for this type of service.

- Cathy Stover from Villa Hills

05/04/2018 Audio Tape Transfer

I can't Thank you enough for the AMAZING job you did in transferring an old audio cassette to CD. This cassette is of my Momma, who passed Feb 19, 2018, reciting & singing lullabyes, tales, talking Donald Duck to my 2 daughters back in 1989 when they were 6 and 4 years old then ending with her talking to my 5 siblings, her mother, and myself. The cassette had so much background noise... I could only make out very fixed it and now her words are forever with me on this CD. When my daughters & I listened to it we cried...tears of sadness and joy.

- Donna Grooms from Covington

05/01/2018 Video to DVD

Debbie did an excellent job, quality was great. These were video tapes I hadn't been able to see in years until she put them on Dvd's . I have more tapes that I will definitely have her transfer to Dvd's for me.

- sharon montgomery from taylor mill

04/29/2018 Video to DVD

Debbie consistently does a great job with any project that we give to her. They are always of high-quality and very timely.

- Chalee Engelhard from Erlanger

04/27/2018 Home Movie Transfer

We have watched half of the dvds of our home movies we had done so far. We definitely like what we have seen! I plan on taking more old VHS, home movies and slides to have them all copied to cd. I recommend Home Video Studio to my friends and family! Wayne

- Wayne Lohmoeller from Independence

04/25/2018 Video to DVD

Thank you sooo much!!!! I have waited years to get these tranfers Done. Finally did it. I'm 100% happy! I only got 32 vhs's to go. It will take some time but i know i can rely on you to do it right! Thank you soooo much. It really does mean alot to me!!!!. VHS to a flash drive. Wow!

- Sherry from Ludlow

04/16/2018 Home Movie Transfer

Debbie transferred a very precious old home movie to several dvds for my family. She did a wonderful job and also developed some old negatives that no one else knew what to do with. I am very pleased with her services and will be using them again very soon.

- Debbie Lewis from Covington

04/13/2018 Home Movie Transfer

I originally brought Debbie ancient wax audio recordings and VHS tapes copied years ago from home movie film. This time I brought her colored 35mm slides going back as far as 75 years old. They are on my computer now and they are gorgeous.

- Joe Heiman from Milford

04/04/2018 Home Movie Transfer

Debbie and her crew did a fantastic job of transferring my old family 8 mm films to DVD. I found Home Video Studio's to be great to work with and found them to be very efficient, honest and trustworthy.

- Larry Tincher from Hamilton

03/28/2018 Home Movie Transfer

I am transferring old home movies from tape to disk and Debbie has been great at explaining the options to help me make the best choice. I appreciate her expertise and honest perspectives.

- Ted Zalla from Villa Hills

03/24/2018 Video Services

Deborah provides excellent service, prompt responses, and quality products, as expected. Very happy with the items she has completed for me and I will continue to go back for other services!

- Steve Chapla from Florence

03/22/2018 Video to DVD

I placed my trust in Deborah to take great care of two tapes of my nephews and I was rewarded with wonderful results. I am sure that my brother's family and those we share the copies with will treasure having these to view. Thanks once again and I am so happy that I picked her to place my trust in.

- Tom Gross from Elsmere

03/22/2018 Home Movie Transfer

I took a bunch of 8mm reels to Home Video Studio to be transferred, along with six boxes of very old slides. The movies are of my two boys, from back in the 1980s, and the slides are of my mom's family, and me, from the early 1950s. Treasures for sure! Home Video Studio did an excellent job with the transfers, and it will be something that I will enjoy for many years to come! I'm able to share the videos with other family members, so the joy gets spread around! Thank you, Debbie, for the work you do! I have been recommending your company, and will continue to do so!

- Pattie Fitzpatrick from Cincinnati

03/21/2018 Video to DVD

Home Video Studio did an awesome job of transferring my old camcorder tapes to DVD. Debbie is extremely nice and helpful. I can't say enough about the services. Saving your memories is priceless!

- Cathy Code from Florence

03/12/2018 Home Movie Transfer

My 8mm family movies were converted to digital format. I had the same movies done by another process however the quality was terrible. The quality of the conversion done by Home Video Studios was great. They even added music. I will be using Home Video Studios for the conversion of all of my remaining 8mm family movies.

- Bob Recchiuti from WEST CHESTER

03/12/2018 Home Movie Transfer

Movies are great, the quality and eSe of the digital copy is awesome. Fast service. Would recommend to everyone. Save those family VHS before it’s to late.

- Linda Allen from South lebanon

03/06/2018 Audio Tape Transfer

I had old cassette tapes of my sister's classical piano music and had them transferred to CDs. They were done in a timely manner and sounded great.

- Ginny Bolte from Lakeside Park

02/20/2018 Video to DVD

I was excited to finally get my VHS tapes transferred to DVD. I heard about Home Video Studio through the Boone County Neighborhood group on Facebook. Debbie did a fantastic job with all the tapes even though they were about 25 years old. 2 of the tapes were video we took of our daughter when she was little. She is now 25. Cannot wait to show these to her and her husband. I hoping she will share them with her kids when she has them. Thanks again Debbie, and Home Video Studio for a great job!

- Judy McCorkel from Florence

02/02/2018 Home Movie Transfer

We were so excited to finally be able to view our old 8mm home movies. Debbie did a wonderful job of transferring them and added some very appropriate music that made them even better. Our younger nieces and nephews are going to have a ball seeing the old folks in their younger days. Thanks Debbie, and Home Video Studio!

- Mary Pat Gemmer from Newport

01/17/2018 Home Movie Transfer

Through an unusual set of circumstances, we came into possession of some 8mm home movies that had been forgotten for more than 50 years. Debbie was able to transfer them flawlessly to DVDs, and my sisters now have video of themselves as children that they never dreamed they would have. Thanks!

- John B from Kentucky

01/16/2018 Home Movie Transfer

I took many video cassettes to have transferred to DVD right before Christmas. Debbie was able to complete my order a week earlierthan she promised, which worked out great as they were gifts. She was also able to fix a cassette audio tape that was torn and transferred to an audio CD. That was a favorite gift as it contained my children talking and singing long before we had a video camera.

- Diane Dirkes from Florence

01/06/2018 Video to DVD

This is the second time I have used Debbie's services and continue to be pleased beyond description. How she is able to glean anything from decades old, seemingly ruined video tape is nothing short of miraculous. And the experience of seeing these unexpected images, particularly of children who have grown, and loved ones who have passed is pure magic! I agree with an earlier poster who recommended Debbie provide a box of tissues with each order. Many thanks again, Debbie!!!

- Susan Lomboy from Amelia

12/29/2017 Video to DVD

I wanted some old VHS videos transferred to DVD on short notice during the busy holiday period. Home Video Studio did a quality job, exactly as ordered, and completed ahead of promised time. I will trust them with my next video project.

- Tom Mohl from Crescent Springs

12/28/2017 Video to DVD

I dropped off an old VHS Video Tape in the European PAL System. Debbie was able to copy it to a DVD. Thanks Debbie for this wonderful and top notch quality work! And of course for all the nostalgic memories that I saw again. Thanks again! " I'll be Back ! "

- Heinz Jaeger from Erlanger KY

12/27/2017 Photo Videos

I called Debbie about 3 weeks before Christmas asking if she could possibly transfer a family video from VHS to DVD. She did it - finished in less than 2 weeks! I wanted to surprise my family during our annual Christmas Eve party with all my siblings (nieces, nephews, in-laws, etc) - over 50 people. It was absolutely perfect! Everyone loved the walk down memory lane. Watching our parents (who passed away) through the years put a smile on everyone's face. Seeing how much we've all changed through the years made us all laugh. Thank you Debbie for making our Christmas Eve the best ever!!

- Nancy Turner from Melbourne

12/26/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Debbie with Home Video Studio was able to transfer 30 reels of 8mm home movie footage, some of which was over 40 years old, and it came out very well-she even added musical accompaniment! This was to be a surprise gift for my siblings, and not only was she able to complete the transfer on a short deadline, Debbie went above and beyond to meet me outside of regular business hours so I could have everything in time for the surprise. Working with Debbie and Home Video Studio was a great experience!

- Rob Smith from Cincinnati

12/26/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Debbie did an awesome job for me - converted 17 low quality VHS tapes into "fun-filled" viewing DVDs. Thanks, Debbie (special thanks for meeting difficult time constraints).

- Dottie Caster from Erlanger

12/23/2017 Video to DVD

The copy from a Beta tape from 1984 was remarkable and yes, this is the second fantastic work you have done. I have recommended your business many times. Thank you.

- Thomas from Walton

12/22/2017 Video to DVD

Debbie was very professional. She did a great job transferring old home movies onto CDs. She completed my order very promptly, even with the Christmas rush. I now have the movies in time to view with family on Christmas!!! Thank you Debbie.

- Sherry Molhem from Union

12/21/2017 Video to DVD

I met with Debbie with a large box of old vhs and 8 mm tapes.(all of our life's memories). It took a couple of months, but all was done very professionally. All dvds were numbered so they could easily be verified. We have not gone through all of them (37), but most and only found one issue of a duplicate transfer. When I called Debbie she took care of the issue immediately. Very easy to work with. We are very satisfied with her work.

- Sandra Rouse from Florence

12/20/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Great work Debbie. The conversion of camcorder to digital was terrific. We already watched some of them and they are priceless. Thank you for the quick turn around.

- PJW from Fort Thomas

12/20/2017 Home Movie Transfer

I recently stumbled upon some old Super 8mm home movies in my attic. A Google search revealed Home Video Studio located on Mall Rd. in Florence. I decided to visit one day on my lunch break. Deborah quickly greeted me and we sat down and she informed me of the several options available to convert my home movies. After deciding to have the movies transferred to a DVD, she informed me that it usually took 4 - 6 weeks to complete but that she would tried to get them done for me before Christmas. Within 3 days, Deborah had contacted me via email to notify me that my movies were completed and ready for pick up. I was shocked at how quickly she had got them done. I picked them up the next day and watched them later that day. The movies turned out great and brought back some wonderful memories of me as a child spending time with relatives that have since passed. Just want to say thank you to Deborah and her staff at Home Video Studio. They went above and beyond and exceeded my expectations. I'd recommend them to anyone!

- Tony Darpel from Independence

12/18/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Another great job! Looking forward to doing even more business with you.Thanks for making our Holidays even more special.

- Chris Toomay from Verona

12/12/2017 Home Movie Transfer

We were so pleased with the work that Home Video Studios provided us. We had accumulated a lot of home videos over the years! Debbie was able to organize the footage for us and we now have our family memories restored to DVD for hours of enjoyment!

- Peg Piccola from Bellevue

12/04/2017 Video to DVD

I had the pleasure of watching the films that you transferred for me, thispast weekend. I am giving the extra copies, you made, as Christmas giftsfor my brothers and sisters. They are in for a big surprise because theydon't know about this project. I can't thank you enough for your verypersonal sevice. Where else could you get a job like this one done, andactually talk to a real person!! I started to recommend that you includea pack of tissues with each order, but after watching these 50 year oldfilms, of our family, I recommend you include a roll of paper towelsinstead because you will find yourself smiling while the tears flow!!! Ihave recommended your company to all of my friends, and already have onefriend that is digging around in her closet for her old films. Thank youagain for all of your help.A very satisified customer

- Carolyn from Ulysses

11/27/2017 Home Movie Transfer

I had my home movies transferred to DVD. I love the job Debbie did. The DVD's are in a beautiful case and numbered. The movies turned out great, I could not watch them for years because the VCR tapes were fuzzy. Now I can enjoy them anytime thanks to Debbie. Will certainly use Home Video Studio again. Thanks, Susan

- Susan Heidel from Union

11/18/2017 Video Services

She has been awesome! I have had a few movies made into a DVD. She was very professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and transferred them at lightning speed! I will continue to use her services going forward. Thank you, Debbie!

- Steve Chuke from Newport, KY

11/14/2017 Video to DVD

I had some old VHS taped that were giving me troubles, but Deborah put my tapes on to DVDs and I couldn't be happier. My memories are restored.

- Jeff Perkins from Williamstown

11/13/2017 Video Services

Absolutely fabulous service, professional on all levels and a perfect jobVery impressed

- Cal kowal from Alexandria

11/12/2017 35mm slide transfer

Home Video Studio did a fantastic job transferring my parents photo collection to 7 thumb drives for my family to forever preserve a lifetime of memories. Deborah was very easy to work with and suggested practical ways to store these precious pictures. Thank you:!

- Debbie Bourgeois from Fernandina Beach, Florida

11/08/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Thanks for converting our old Reel to Reels to DVD.You did a great job and we will treasure this forever!!!

- Chris Toomay from Verona

11/08/2017 Video Services

Deborah did a fine job transferring a VHS tape to a thumb drive. Very fast service and reasonable price. Would definitely recommend her services.

- Phyllis D Ernest from Florence

10/19/2017 Video to DVD

Took a treasured VHS home video to Debbie to transfer to DVD. Got extra copies for my daughters and have watched several times. Wonderful memories preserved! Great service...highly recommend!

- Sandra Sandel from Elsmere

10/15/2017 Video to DVD

Wonderful outcome every time. Memories cherished for all.

- Tina Preedom from Williamstown

10/05/2017 Video to DVD

Another successful transition from VHS to DVD. Very fast turnaround timewhich is much appreciated.

- Jason from Hebron

10/03/2017 Home Movie Transfer

We have had 6 dvd's made from vhs transfers and everything is just perfect! We have a whole lot more to do and we will definitely continue to do business with you! Thanks.

- Brian Waters from Highland Heights

10/03/2017 Video Services

I recently used Home Video Studio to create a Tribute Video for my husband's Celebration of Life event. The video was everything that I hoped for and more! Debbie was a huge help with this project during a very sad time for my family. She was extremely professional and very easy to work with. The video will be a great memory for my two young daughters for many years to come. I would highly recommend Home Video Studio to anyone needing a video created. I will be using Home Video Studio again soon to transfer 8MM reel to reel to DVD!

- Amanda from LOVELAND

10/03/2017 Home Movie Transfer

As a repeating client, I was once again extremely satisfied with the professionalism and promptness of Debbie's work! I will continue to trust her with my valuable home movies! Thank you Debbie! FIVE STARS!! :)

- Jessica from Florence

09/29/2017 Video to DVD

This is the second time I've used HomeVideoStudio for transferring pieces to various formats. My recorded memories are invaluable & their preservation was vital. Thank you for the quick turnaround time & for providing these services... I'm certain we'll be back! Cheers!

- Andrea from Florence

09/23/2017 Video to DVD

My old family home videos have never looked better! Thank you for transforming them to clear, concise dvd's that are easy to show and easy to store. I recently found a few more videos that I will bring your way! Well done.

- Sally from Cincinnati

09/22/2017 Video to DVD

I was very happy to find a local business like this! Very good work at very reasonable price. Best part was that I did not have to send away and she had it back to me in a couple days! Have definitely recommended to others and will be using again. Thanks for the great service!

- Sandy from Elsmere

09/19/2017 Home Movie Transfer

I was so happy to find Home Video Studio, a local business to take care of converting my VHS to DVD! I put it off for years, because I didn't know where to go. My daughter turned "30" recently and I surprised her with copies of when she was a baby and little girl. We got to revisit with her memories, as well as other family members also now grown up. Most special was seeing mom's/grandma's that have passed, especially Janie Nordloh, my mom who lovingly took all the videos.

- Diane from Erlanger

09/15/2017 DVA - Digital Video Archive

Home Video Studio did a great job transferring my 8mm video to a digital video archive. The sound and picture quality were great, turnaround time was good and the digital video is easy to use and share with friends.

- Monica from Ft. Mitchell

09/07/2017 Video to DVD

I am so happy with all of the work that Home Video Studio did for me. They did such a great job and are very professional in what they do. I now have all of my memories that I can watch anytime I want and enjoy for many many years to come. Thank you so much for the great job that you did.

- Vicki Dickens from Florence

09/02/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Home Video Studio did a great job on my video transfer. They were ver efficient and a pleasure to deal with. The price was very competitive.

- Ernest Johnson from Cincinnati

08/28/2017 Video to DVD

It took us 15 years to convert our wedding video from the VHS tapes to DVD. We found Deborah and her business and she was extremely helpful and converted our memories for us to show our girls the wedding. Thanks Deb for your help and quick service.

- Jason Depp from Hebron

08/20/2017 Video Production

I had Deborah create a video for my son's graduation party. She did the same thing for us three years ago for my daughter. Both videos are wonderful keepsakes. Many people create their own videos but the ones Deborah created for us were more professional and the music flowed perfectly with the pictures. The videos also do a continual loop so once you put it in it plays for the entirety of the party making it so convenient. I will return and use this business again for special occasions so worth the cost!

- Connie Brady from Hebron

08/18/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Lori, my sister who resides in NJ found 4 reels of home movie film that i filmed during 1976, she mailed them to me in Ky. to have Deborah transfer them to CD's What a pleasant surprise when we viewed the transfer. Another great job has been done! Jim. 8/18/17

- Jim & Lori from Ky. & NJ

08/17/2017 Home Movie Transfer

I'm super happy that I found Debbie. She is super helpful and knowledgeable! Debbie got the job done very quickly! thanks again Debbie!

- Tom from Batavia, Ohio

08/15/2017 DVA - Digital Video Archive

This is the best thing I've ever done! Debbie was SO easy to work with and clearly explained everything so someone who is not well versed in technology (me!) could understand it, utilize it and share it! Such important memories that are invaluable!! I'd recommend it highly to everyone!!

- Lissa from Cincinnati

08/14/2017 Home Movie Transfer

I have gone through several and am very pleased. Considering the age of the tapes the quality is very good. Thank you! I have a few more to bring when I visit KY.

- Bertha from Lady Lake

08/13/2017 Home Movie Transfer

We had quite a few tapes to be transferred to DVD and I kept putting it off. I found Home Video Studio and decided to finally get it done. I could not be happier with the quality of work that was done. Those DVD's are priceless to our family and we have enjoyed watching them. I would highly recommend Home Video Studio for any of your video needs, they are both friendly and professional and do excellent work.

- Vicki Dickens from Florence

08/10/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Debbie, you did a fantastic job with my old 8mm transfer to DVD. The Italian background music that you added to it frankly I was surprised it is GREAT.

- Joe Scotillo from Burlington

07/04/2017 Home Movie Transfer

I was very pleased with my DVD. Debbie thank you. You did a wonderful job.

- Michelle Wright from Burlington, Ky

07/03/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Had some 40 + year old super 8 movies that iI wanted to save for my kids . Home Video Studio did an excellent job of transferring them to DVD with music added as they had no sound . They even picked them up and delivered them to me at no extra charge ,I am well pleased and will certainly recommend them and use them again

- Martin from Norwood

06/26/2017 Video to DVD

I recently had a home video VHS tape from 1995 transfered DVD. I was very concerned with the quality of the VHS, since it hasn't been played in years. When I watched the DVD it was perfect! I highly recommend using Home Video Studio! Deborah was great to work with, services are very reasonably priced, and I had the DVD copies back in a very short time.

- Melissa from Crittenden

06/10/2017 Video to DVD

I had some 18-year-old many DVDs that I had not even seen and the transfer they made to DVD was crisp and clear like it was shot yesterday. My oldest grandchildren who are almost 20 had not even seen these videos yet. Thank you so much for bringing these memories back to life for us

- Tom Poe from Walton

06/03/2017 Video to DVD

Very impressed with the professional and timely manner. Would definately recommend this business!

- Brenda woodcock from Hebron ky

05/23/2017 Video to DVD

Great job. Needed to get 4 years of video off my camera and in a format for family viewing. Happy with the final results. Definitely recommend Home Video Studio.

- Paula from Villa Hills

05/19/2017 Video to DVD

I am so grateful for the wonderful job Debbie did on my home movies! I can't thank you enough. I'm spreading the word to everyone I know about your company.

- Steve from Independence

05/18/2017 Home Movie Transfer

The work was done in a timely manner and the price was worth all the joy it brought...nothing else could have brought my memories to life like this..a wonderful job ! Would highly recommend them to all ..thanks so much Debbie.

- Barbara from Fort Thomas

05/16/2017 Video to DVD

The services provided to me were phenomenal. I thought I would never get to watch my home videos again. For a decent price I was able to get to view my home videos on DVD. I'm very impressed with The Home Video Studio and I couldn't be happier with my purchase!

- Haley from Independence

05/10/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Absolutely best service as always. Very trustworthy and professional. Highly recommend! Will continue to trust with my family memories for years to come!

- Jessica from Cold spring

05/10/2017 Photo Videos

We just showed the DVD made from Home Video Studio to our guests at my sons rehearsal dinner. I can't say enough about how pleased and happy I was with the results!!! Debbie did a fantastic job putting pictures together and adding some special effects. I highly recommend this company and I will use in the future. The service was great and Debbie was easy to work with. What a great way to keep memories alive! So appreciative!

- Beverly from Williamstown

05/08/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Thanks for helping save great memories!

- Greg from Erlanger

04/25/2017 Video to DVD

Great job

- Tina from Williamstown

04/22/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Thank you! We had our wedding video that was 25 years old transferred to DVD and Digital. We haven't been able to show this video to our children because we don't have a VCR that still works. So for the first time in more than 20 years, we were able to share this special time in our lives with our boys. More importantly, I have a digital version that is protected for years! The quality was good, the service was friendly, and the project was completed quickly, in time for our 25th Anniversary!

- Debbie from Independence

04/19/2017 Video to DVD

I had several old VHS tapes and an 8 mm tape that I wanted converted to DVD. I was so pleased to find a place locally where this could be done without sending my tapes off and risking them getting lost in the mail. Debbie did a fantastic job at a very reasonable price and in just about a week. I highly recommend Home Video Studio!

- Kay from Union

04/06/2017 DVA - Digital Video Archive

I had some film transferred and started a cloud account. Very happy I did because I can share with any one at any time. I went back to have a copy from the cloud transferred onto a DVD. The quality was great and it allowed some of my family members to have the DVD to watch. Thanks Debbie!

- Frank Mai from Florence

04/03/2017 Home Movie Transfer

I found a box of old home movies that I had never gotten developed and some how I missed placed, I was sick about it! I was so excited upon finding them but was sure they were exposed or just ruined. I took one to Home Video just to see if I had anything and I did. Deborah did a great job and I enjoyed talking with her and just loved her studio. I will definitely be taking her the rest of the box. It was so much fun Watching these old memories of my daughter's with them. Thanks Deborah.

- Linda hembree from Florence

04/03/2017 Video to DVD

I had 2 damaged videos that I wanted transferred to DVD. Home Video Studio was able to fix the damage and transfer to DVD very quickly. I am very happy with the result.

- Terri Turner from Morning View

04/02/2017 Home Movie Transfer

The service Home Video Studio provided was above and beyond. Not only did Deborah manage to have my video order ready in time for the holidays, they were put to music and exceeded what was asked. I will certainly use their services again and recommend them to others.

- D. R. from Fort Thomas

03/28/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Excellent job and didn't take as long as to be expected.

- Steve Sears from Covington

03/28/2017 Video to DVD

I have a bunch as in about 20- 8mm MP cassetts, that i have had Debbie do 10 so far and they are returned to me on DVD and are better than expected . I have 10 more to review and make a list of titles for her to print on the front of the DVD. Very good service and Fast turn around.. Thank you Ralph

- Ralph from florence

03/23/2017 Duplications

I needed a quick and professional DVD duplication to include printed covers and cases for a friend in California. In less than 24 hours, Home Video Studio (Debbie) completed the task. The quality was outstanding and the cost was very reasonable. Highly recommend Debbie and HVS. Thanks again for a job well done.

- Gary from Alexandria

03/20/2017 Video to DVD

They did a super job saving some memories of my early works. VHS tapes were 24-yrs old and I was afraid they could not be saved. They did a super job and I couldn't ask for better people to work with. Thanks again Deb! Now my grandchildren can see PAPA in younger days.

- George McClanahan from Burlington

03/14/2017 Video to DVD

They are very professional and polite. They give you an approximate time it will take and it is exactly what the say. Very nice album they put my DVD in. Would recommend! If you don't know of them give them a try and you won't regret.

- Tim from Kentonvale

03/14/2017 Video to DVD

Loved our finished product! It has been so much fun to re-live all these memories again

- Jean Foley from Union

03/13/2017 Video to DVD

i had a 3" disc from an old video cam and had it transferred to d.v.d. customer service was great and friendly. also i love the small businesses who work hard to make it in today's society. keep up the good work and i will certainly be back for your business.

- david mcknight from ohio

03/10/2017 Home Movie Transfer

This is my second use of Debbie's services. This time I had a couple of hours worth of 8mm film transferred to digital. I received two DVDs and all files were also loaded on a thumb drive that I provided. The quality of the transfer is excellent, better than a film I mistakenly had transferred through a drug store photo department, that's for sure!!!

- Dennis from Northside

03/08/2017 Home Movie Transfer

We were very pleased with the film transfer to dvd. The films were very clear. We were very glad to be able to watch the old movies again. The service received at Deborah Williams Studio was great.

- Fred Martin from Hamilton

03/07/2017 Photo Videos

Transferred 45 year old slides to a flash drive. Great job. Thank you. Will definitely use in the future.

- Bob from Villa Hills

03/07/2017 Home Movie Transfer


- Steve Chuke from Newport

03/07/2017 Video to DVD

Very pleased with the results. A bit far for me, but it was worth the time. Will return as the need arises and have already recommended it to my family.

- Warren S from West Chester, Oh

02/26/2017 Video to DVD

Had old camcorder tapes from when my daughter was little transferred to DVD...very happy with the results! Precious memories we'll always cherish!

- Jayne from Florence

02/21/2017 35mm slide transfer

Home Video Studio did a great job transferring my 35 mm slides. Some of these slides were over 50 years old. Home Video Studio handled the slides with great care and great skill. I am very grateful for their work.

- Bill from Mason

02/14/2017 Video to DVD

Thanks to you we were able to play my parents video of their 50th Wedding Anniversary for my father's funeral. It was in VHS form, done back in 2000, and everywhere we tried to get it converted we were told it could be 2-3 weeks. You were able to do it within a few days. It was a great hit! You were an answer to prayer!!!

- Chris from Verona

02/12/2017 Video to DVD

Excellent Quality work. On time and very happy with the service.

- Aftab Khan from Villa Hills KYb

02/09/2017 Video to DVD

We had several vhs tapes transferred to DVDs Deborah did a great job. The quality of her work is outstanding. Will use her again. If your looking for video service I would highly recommend her services.

- Jim from Erlanger

02/06/2017 Video to DVD

I was very happy with the DVD that Home Video Studio made for me the DVD came out great and a very professional looking DVD I am looking forward to taking my 8mm film in to them to have put on a DVD they were fast and great to work with

- Dave from Independence

02/05/2017 Home Movie Transfer

I used Home Video to make a DVD of bits and pieces of 8 millimeter film dating from 1956. I didn't know what was on them so I told Deborah to just put it all together. There were some of it turned out really good, some not so good, but you can't improve something that isn't there. I will use them again, when I get my more recent videos in order.

- June from

02/03/2017 Home Movie Transfer

I have been trying to get items transferred from slides and VHS and this business is perfect for it. I still have lots to do and can't wait to see the finished product. My kids will really enjoy seeing their childhood sports and family events. Very quick turn around and I would highly recommend!

- Pam Zepf from Burlington, Ky

01/31/2017 Home Movie Transfer

I was very satisfied with the work that Deborah did on my old home videos from 50 years ago. I had copies made for the rest of my brothers and they were so happy to see these. I will absolutely use her service again due to the speed of which the work was done and her prices are fantastic. I will return.

- Dolly from Florence

01/30/2017 Video to DVD

I was very pleased with the prompt service I received from Deborah Williams studio. I liked the way my tapes were copied and labeled. They were organized in a neat small case. I will certainly take more tapes to transfer to DVD.

- Garlene from Dry Ridge

01/28/2017 Video to DVD

We had several vhs tapes transferred to DVDs Deborah did a great job. The quality of her work is outstanding. Will use her again. If your looking for video service I would highly recommend her services.

- Jim from Erlanger

01/26/2017 Video to DVD

Had an old VHS family video that was considered gone. They fixed it and transferred to a DVD and I never thought it would be possible. Super quick and I will be back to put everything on a cloud as well! Thank you!

- Chris from Florence

01/19/2017 Video to DVD

Debbie and her business were very helpful and exceeded my expectations. She transferred 12 VHS videos to DVD's. presentation in a single DVD book was perfect and all were labeled with time duration. Thank you a Debbie ... I'll be back!

- Beth from Covington

01/07/2017 Video to DVD

This is the second time we have worked with Deborah. She was able to transfer files from my hard drive video camera to DVD and did a great job. We will be back again.

- Bill Isler from Union, KY

01/06/2017 Video to DVD

Awesome! For years I have wanted to transfer my VHS tapes to DVD. Done! What fun it was to view over the holidays with my grown children, watching themselves as they were growing up. We laughed so much, it hurt. Worth it all! Debbie has been great to work with through this process and I recommend this service. My only regret is not paying the extra money for my tapes to be placed as DVA so that I could edit, etc. Still, I am thrilled.

- Karen Angel from Walton

01/04/2017 Home Movie Transfer

I brought 26 old home movies to Debbie during the holiday season to transfer to DVD and told her they were to be a gift for family. Knowing that her studio would be very busy this time of year, I had low expectations for completion before Christmas. But she was able to work it in for me and actually completed it several days ahead of her estimate. My family was thrilled to finally be able to view these old memories after so long!

- Leslie from Loveland

01/03/2017 Video to DVD

I know you must receive letters of gratitude all the time. Please add me to the list of folks who appreciate the quality of your work and the expeditious manner in which you completed my order. I was praying to recapture of few images of my daughter's father, who she lost three years ago. She was an indulged only child and quite the daddy's girl. She had the unenviable task of making end of life decisions for him, including "pulling the plug". She has struggled with coping ever since. I thought these tapes had degraded beyond repair, and it was truly serendipitous that I never threw them away. For my daughter to see her father happy, healthy, and interacting with her in a way she had forgotten, was a gift neither one of us could have imagined. Of course, other family members are begging for copies. I have no other words, but a sincere "Thank You". I have two more (unlabeled) tapes that I intend to bring in a few weeks. I'm sure they will hold hidden treasures as well.

- Susan Lomboy from Amelia

01/01/2017 Home Movie Transfer

The quality of Deborah's work was amazing. I had some home super 7 movies transferred at a local drug store and they were not good. Deborah had the same home movies and they came out great. So happy with the results. I will definitely be going to her for any video needs. Professional and quality work. Thank you Deborah!

- Linda Govan from Cold Spring

12/30/2016 Video to DVD

For Christmas gifts this year, I decided to transfer my old 8mm home movies to DVD and give them to family members. They turned out so well and we've had a lot of fun revisiting fun times from years ago. Deborah did an outstanding job and went above and beyond during the busy holiday season. I would highly recommend her for your video service needs.

- Alison from Florence

12/29/2016 DVA - Digital Video Archive

Found Home Video Studio when searching for a service that could transfer 36 video tapes, that had not been viewed because of a lack of working camera for years, to a format that could be watched and enjoyed by my now adult children and grand kids. Could not be happier with what Debby and her staff provided me! We gave a table of contents sheet to my two children for Christmas and instructions on viewing on line via DVA of all our video tapes which consisted of roughly ten years of recordings. I'm not sure who's enjoying these more - we the parents, the kids on the videos or the grand kids able to see their mother and uncle in their youth. But the frequent comments back to us about a humorous clip they discovered or viewed and how much they are enjoying this gift, has made all the effort and cost worth every cent we paid to make these family videos available again! Don't hesitate to utilize Debby's services. She provided us with the best Christmas gift ever!! Thanks Debby and staff!!

- JSF from Cincinnati

12/28/2016 Video to DVD

Home Video Studio is a excellent company to work with for all your video needs!!! The turn around time is amazing and Deborah is great to wok with. I had 6 old 8mm tapes converted to DVD and she got them done in a week!! Talk about great turn around time!!! Amazing!!! Thanks again!!!

- Joe Taylor from Alexandria

12/22/2016 Video Editing

Kudos to Deborah Williams for being creative and up to the task of editing 100+ 7 second video clips to produce an adorable Children's Christmas Play for our church. Home Video Studio was able to edit "mistakes" out of several clips and manipulate the sound to a uniform volume throughout the production. I was also impressed with the little touches...snowflakes floating down the title page, scene intros, and a Christmas tree developing as the credits rolled....classy and clever.

- Grace Wilson from Taylor Mill

12/20/2016 Home Movie Transfer

We are so happy with the home movie transfer to DVD work completed by Home Video Studio! The product is excellent and will be cherished for years to come. We recommend this company to friends and family looking to have a place to help with video needs.

- MSP from Florence

12/20/2016 Home Movie Transfer

I was so pleased with the exceptional work and service that you have given us! All of our home movies are now preserved for generations to come! I love supporting small businesses and was happy to find you in Kentucky. Thanks for shipping them so quickly in time to surprise my mother for Christmas! She will love this gift.

- Christy from Hodgenville

12/18/2016 Video to DVD

I had 2 8mm movies from my father-in-law (who was not the best cinematographer) from 1968. I had never seen them, so I had Deborah put them on a DVD. My family watched it yesterday for the first time, and it was wonderful seeing their dad and their grandparents after all these years. What joy.

- Carole E.Cleves from Crestview Hills

12/15/2016 Home Movie Transfer

My dad took a lot regular 8 and super 8 movies when I was young. I used the same camera for my children. I missed watching them so I took some of the rolls to Debbie and was very happy with the work she did. I was also happy to discover the different choices I had. Now I set and enjoy watching the DVD and use my cloud account to watch when ever I want to. I will be taking more rolls to Debbie because I'm know they will do a great job. I'm a very happy customer.

- Frank Mai from Florence

12/13/2016 Video to DVD

I had 8 VHS tapes that I wanted to transfer to DVD that I didn't want to put in the mail to a service to transfer. I took them to Debbie and she did an amazing job transferring them for me. We watched them all and they are now worth their weight in gold. She did a great job. I plan to do more in the future.

- Melissa Jennings from Independence

12/05/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Like most people looking to have their tapes transferred to DVD, I was looking for a reliable company for this service and a reasonable price. I found both when I found you. Your office is very nice and professional and you were more than helpful with my request to transfer from Hi8 to DVD. Most places I contacted said it would take about 2 weeks to get the transfer done but you got it done in 1 day. This was only one tape but I was impressed that you did it that quickly. I am super happy with my entire experience and will be back to have all my tapes transferred as well and spread the word about you and your business. Thanks again Craig

- Craig from Amelia

11/30/2016 Video Services

After hearing about Home Video Studio's good work from a relative, I wanted to put together a DVD of our family's journey which covered about 50 years. I took Deborah several boxes of slides & a whole bunch of prints in the order I wanted them displayed. I also included the music I wanted to accompany it. The result exceeded my expectations & now my children & grandchildren can enjoy seeing themselves as they grew up. I was very pleased with the finished product; Deborah does great work.

- Peggy from Edgewood

11/28/2016 Video to DVD

Our children had all of our home movies converted for our 30th wedding anniversary gift. My daughter told me she brought the tapes in the week before our anniversary and they told her they would have one finished in time for the anniversary. When she went to pick them up they had all 17 tapes complete! She was blown away by their customer service and we couldn't think of a better gift!

- Laura from Ft. Mitchell

11/22/2016 Video to DVD

Home Video Studio did a fabulous job. I had several VHS tapes with small amounts of material. They were able to pull it all together and now I have a lasting memory for each of my children. I always felt my original material was in good hands. Thanks!

- Charlotte from Alexandria

11/20/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Debbie was super easy to work with and very friendly! We've so been enjoying watching family memories that we haven't been able to in years! I thought everything was reasonably priced and the job was well done. Thanks, Home Video Studio!

- Emily from Union

11/18/2016 Duplications

Needed fast professional DVD duplication, with printed covers and cases. They did a great job of quick turn around at a competitive price.

- Mike from Florence

11/15/2016 Home Movie Transfer

My old 8mm home movies turned out fantastic! I couldn't be happier with the way they look. Thank you!

- Joe from Batavia

11/09/2016 Video to DVD

When I retired from the Army in a retreat parade at Fort Myers, Virginia, the Army took a video of the entire event. But it was VHS and I no longer can play the tape. Home Video Studio transferred the VHS tape to DVD and it came out great! Now I plan to have all my VHS and 8mm transferred to DVD's.

- Al Genetti from Maineville, OH

10/31/2016 Video Services

had a broken VHS video tape that me and my brother, sister, and sister In law made up at Kings Island back in the 90s. My brother passed away in 2004 and I was too afraid to try fixing it myself. I took my VHS tape to Home Video Studio and they had it fixed by that afternoon as well as preserving it on dvd. it was great getting to see that video again. Thanks Home Video Studio for the prompt and quality service.

- Robert from Union

10/24/2016 Home Movie Transfer

I am very impressed with Home Video Studio. They really helped me out when I was in a pinch. They were quickly able to turn around transferring a home-video from a minicassette to a digital copy. The quality was fantastic and I would recommend their services to anyone.

- Jennifer Green from Florence

10/18/2016 Video Services

Very happy with the work she did for me. Transferred all of my dance competition VHS tapes into digitial format and seperated each dance. Now I can post to facebook my glory days!

- Linda from Erlanger

10/18/2016 Video Services

Debbie did a fantastic job on some old VHS tapes. Looks so much better compared to what I saw on my home VCR!!!! Bring your videos here to Debbie!!!!

- Dennis from Elsmere

10/12/2016 Photo Videos

Home Video Studio did a wonderful job of taking 166 photos and 4 songs that were hand picked to make a wonderful 50th anniversary video for my mom and dad. After all of the day festivities, dinner, cake and toasts and we finally sat them down to show them the video ... it was unremarkable the feelings of laughter joy and good times that were weaved through this masterpiece of pictures and music. Debbie was able to touch up some of the older pictures from the wedding day and just made everything awesome! My parents keep thanking us for this wonderful memory and show everyone their video!! Thank you again for a job well done!!

- Tammy from Alexandria

10/03/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Excellent job for 8mm transfer . Haven't seen them in 40 years

- Marc Davis from Florence

09/30/2016 Video to DVD

Working with Debbie was delightful. We couldn't be happier with our home videos that she transferred to DVD. She is extremely tech savvy, yet very easy to talk to and reasonably priced. I would recommend her to everyone.

- Chuck from Lakeside Park

09/27/2016 Home Movie Transfer

I have been looking for somewhere close to home to have my old family movies transferred to DVD. I found it in Home Video Studio! The quality is excellent and they take very good care of your movies while they have them. I have had other services do transfers for me but none of them matched the quality that I got here!

- Elaine from Taylor Mill

09/20/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Thank you for doing such an outstanding production on our family films. They are perfect!

- Charyn & George from Edgewood

09/20/2016 Audio Tape Transfer

I challenged the staff at Home Video Studio with a project that I felt would be difficult and also was very personal to me. Not only was the service fast, it was exceptionally done and I can't recommend them highly enough. I will be a repeat customer!

- Bill from Covington

09/20/2016 Video Services

A few weeks ago I decided, based on customer testimonials from friends that Deborah and Home Video Studio were the right place to take my 12 year old Hummingbird videos on Mini- DV. I was surprised to find other memories I didn't know were recorded. Just wow!! Deb is a delightful personality, and so very knowledgeable about her craft! I am going to bring her some more projects! I've already inquired about some production work!

- Eric from Edgewood

09/15/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Debbie did a great job with 50 year old slides of our wedding that we wanted to be put on a DVD. She asked if we wanted a special song and when we told her one, she had never heard it, but found the song to use with the wedding pictures. We showed the DVD at our Anniversary party. Everybody really enjoyed it, especially our children and grandchildren. I will definitely be going back with other projects I have. She's very professional and they're ready when promised.

- Darcy from Ft. Thomas

09/13/2016 Photo Videos

Right away Debbie seemed to understand that this was very emotional for me. My 18 year old son joined the Military and we wanted to have something special at his going away party. Using 3 songs (I picked out), photo's from birth to present time, and a ten second cell recorded video of my Son swearing in at MEPS....Debbie CREATED an amazing treasure. She touched every emotion! Everyone laughed. Everyone cried. And at the end...You were PROUD to be an American! My Son was lost for words. All this in a 12 minute video. My husband and I highly recommend choosing Home Video Studio to capture your memories. Debbie's an artist with an imagination. Thank You Debbie!!!!

- Glenda from Loveland, Ohio

09/07/2016 Video to DVD

She did an awesome job on transferring my family's home video tapes to DVD. She is also very nice and is willing to help. Definitely recommend her to anyone that wants to do this.

- Kayla from Cincinnati

09/04/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Can't tell you how happy we are with the job you did. We thought our box of 40-year-old Super-8 home movies was lost forever. Now we have 3 hours of happy memories professionally converted to DVDs.

- Jean Chilton from Florence

09/03/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Home Video Studio did a great job transferring an 8mm video of my parents wedding taken in 1954 to a DVD. Very affordable and very friendly. I'll definitely take more work to them!

- Patty Jo Zerhusen from Fort Mitchell

08/30/2016 Audio Tape Transfer

Did a great job with a 20 year old tape. Converted to CD and it sounds wonderful! Thank you.

- Pam Irvin from Covington

08/26/2016 DVA - Digital Video Archive

I found Home Video Studio a short while back as I had been wanting to convert all my home video tapes without having to send them away which to me was pretty scarey. I saw Debbie's ad on FB and thought this is perfect, it's in my neighborhood and why not give it a try. I had over 250 tapes to copy & I knew it would take some time so after meeting with her I was very impressed & went ahead & got started. I have had 100 tapes copied to the cloud as well as put on DVD so far & couldn't be more happy with the results!!! I love that I can zip to her studio to make drop-offs & swing by & pick up when they're ready. Any questions I might have Debbie is very kind to take the time to answer & that makes me feel very confident in her final results. Trusting someone with something that means so much to me was a big issue I had & I believe that's why I waited so long to get started with the transferring. To be able to pull up my families home videos any time anywhere & watch as well as share with others is a wonderful thing!! I absolutely love love love having them all in the cloud, it's a very safe feeling knowing they will always be there for my family and that alone is worth every penny. Debbie is doing an A+ job and I'm so very happy that I found her ??????

- Karen Koester from Union, Ky

08/25/2016 Video to DVD

You recently finished years and years of neglected videos from our many exciting adventures. We have spent nearly every evening watching, and reliving those trips with Grizzly bears, and Whales. You did a remarkable job considering we didn’t really know how to use the video camera, and thus you saved memories for us that would otherwise be lost.Thank you so much for doing such a great service. We will be back if and when we have more memorable trips, only this time we won’t wait years to get the film to you to be transferred to DVDs.

- Jill from Aurora

08/22/2016 Video to DVD

I just took 18 tapes to Home Video Studio that were transferred onto DVDs they did such an excellent job and I cannot express how much we are enjoying watching the things that I had taped from years ago!

- Vicky from Florence

08/21/2016 Home Movie Transfer

I have had these 8mm movies for several years since Mom passed. Been putting it off and seen HomeVideos add and decided to check them out.Should have done a long time ago because they came out perfect and had copies mane for my kids. You won't be disapointed

- Clayton Whiteker from Morning View

08/02/2016 Video to DVD

For a long time I had been searching for someone who can convert my cell phone video to DVD. Also, I have many video tapes that need to be converted to DVD. Because of the importance of my family memories (children and grandchildren) I was thrilled to fine Debbie. Not only does she do excellent and quality work, but her understanding of how endearing all these memories are to me is invaluable, She puts a personal touch on everything she does and has a delightful personality.

- Teresa from Ft. Thomas

07/26/2016 Photo Videos

My wife and I are extremely pleased with the production quality and the creativity that Home Video Studio brought to our project. I wanted to put together a special gift with limited notice and Debbie came through. We are very satisfied and would recommend Debbie for your project.

- Gary from Florence

07/19/2016 Video to DVD

Took my wedding video in to be transferred to a DVD and was extremely happy with the outcome. I had excellent customer service from the time I walked in the door! We will definitely be getting more videos done! Thank you!

- Julie from Florence

07/07/2016 Video to DVD

I have been wanting to transfer my VHS wedding video to DVD for some time now. Deborah made me feel very comfortable and confident with the process and turned it around in just a couple of days at a very reasonable price. And the results were awesome! I am now gathering up all of my old 8mm movie tapes to have her transfer those as well. I highly recommend her services!

- Alison from Union

07/06/2016 Video to DVD

Thanks to Home Video Studios for the great transfer. Very professional. Thanks again!

- Janet from Erlanger

06/28/2016 Video to DVD

I am very happy with work Home Video Studio did with my very old VHS tape! They were able to convert the 50 year old material from the cassette onto DVD's with scene selection so my family and I could enjoy watching a piece of our family history on more "modern technology". The turn around was very quick and the final product was neat and even better than I had expected. I will continue to use Home Video Studio for my future projects!

- Andrea from Florence

06/28/2016 Video to DVD

Debbie was so nice. I first had talked to her on the phone and asked a bunch of questions. I really had no idea how it all worked, or how much money I was about to shell out. She was very helpful and to my surprise extremely reasonable. My husband wanted his old football tapes transferred to DVD for his birthday present. I think I dropped 3 tapes off to her and she had them done in 7 days!!! I was ecstatic since I tend to wait till the last minute. The appearance of the finished product was great. Very professional looking and if I ever need anything like this done again I would definitely go to HVS-Florence. Very personable.

- Sarah from Cincinnati

06/07/2016 Photo Videos

THANK YOU DEBBIE !! The photo high school graduation dvd with music was the hit of the party !! Everyone had tears of joy as they watched my son from birth to graduation cap and gown........ It just shows how fast time really does go by..... I also loved having it replay itself for the few guest that came late and for the ones that wanted to watch it again........Tears of joy were amazing !!!! 5 plus stars for Home Video Studio !! THANK YOU !! THANK YOU !!

- Tina Awad from Bethel

06/06/2016 Video to DVD

Thank you Debbie for doing a great job transferring my parents 50th anniversary tape to DVD.I appreciate you taking the time to edit so I would have in time for the 75th on June 14th.I really enjoyed meeting you and will be back with more tapes! Billie Jean

- Billie Jean Barber from union

06/01/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Home Video Studio did an awesome job transferring my 35 year old football 16mm game films films to DVD!

- Rob from Bellevue

05/31/2016 Audio Tape Transfer

We had some tricky 50 year old audio tape (reel-to-reel) from a family wedding. The results were very good, particularly in light of the overall audio quality and challenging physical qualities of the original tape. Thanks for a great job!

- Rick from Independence

05/24/2016 Home Movie Transfer

OMG.... Never would have I dreamed that something like this could be created out of old photos....Debbie you are the best..You provided on time and earlier than expected a memory for my husbands 50th birthday that will always be treasured and never forgotten...A BIG thankyou for your services...and high recommendations to everyone down the road....Carolyn leeke

- Carolyn leeke from Petersburg

05/23/2016 Home Movie Transfer

I can't begin to tell you how pleased we are with the 4 DVD's that hold over 17 years reels of 500ft. Super 8 films. They hold wonderful memories of our family life that we took over the years. It has been so much fun to visit our past life. Our grandchildren are delighted to see their parents as the same age they are now. We have found more reels so you will be seeing us again. Thank You. Dolores & Joe O. Independence KY

- Dolores Oldendick from Independence

05/17/2016 Video to DVD

We have over 30 years worth of memories transferred. Everything was great. Good service, good quality and professional all the way

- Dale from Walton

05/15/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Thanks Deb for helping make our Dixie Heights Class of 65 Reunion a great success. Your work with our video and sound presentation was great. 5 stars to you

- Steve from Florence

05/14/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Very professional work; finished in an expedited manner! I would highly recommend this business to anyone! Thanks for delivering a great product. Will definitely return soon to have more tapes transferred to DVD's!

- Shirley Mays from Burlington, KY

05/14/2016 Audio Tape Transfer

Cassette tapes to CDs Debbie is a perfectionist and she did an outstanding job transferring my accompaniment tapes to CDs. If you have ever tried to transfer music it never sounds as good but when Debbie did it my CDs were perfect.

- James from Harrison, Ohio

05/12/2016 Video to DVD

Everything was wonderful and finished in a timely manner. Thank you!

- Cindy from Hebron

05/10/2016 Video to DVD

I have a broadcast TV video from 1982 and was pleased to find a service that was near me and that I did not have to mail my memories off somewhere. Debbie did a great job for me and I can't wait to take the VHS memories and have her transfer those also! I would highly recommend Debbie to anyone.

- Willy from Union

05/01/2016 Home Movie Transfer

After collecting numerous home movies that were decades old, we were pleasantly surprised to find a video transfer service right in our own community. We entrusted our family memories to Debbie and she did not disappoint. We now have them well preserved on DVDs that we can pass on to our children. We highly recommend Debbie and Home Video Studio.

- Judy Villines from Erlanger

04/27/2016 Audio Tape Transfer

This is my third project Debbie has done for me. I am very pleased with her work and she takes good care of the originals. Having an interview with a WWII veteran (family member) preserved is a treasure. Thanks for a job well done. I will recommend her.

- Ellen from Florence

04/27/2016 Home Movie Transfer

I am so glad I finally had all my home movies made into a DVD. Your work is awesome!! I will be telling all my friends what a wonderful job you did. Now I'm going to work on gathering special photos to have you put on a DVD for us. Many, many thanks for a GREAT work of art you created!

- Sandi from Falmouth

04/27/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Wonderful job!!! Debbie is a perfectionist and I always trust her with my valuable family memories!! Thanks again Debbie! I will be a life long customer!

- Jessica from Cold spring

04/26/2016 Video to DVD

Your work was excellent! So happy to have my VHS home movies on DVD!

- Kim from Cold Spring

04/21/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Deborah helped me with just understanding the camera and how it works. I highly recommend her for all your video needs.

- Mike Armbruster from Erlanger

04/19/2016 Video to DVD

Highly Recommend this service. Had VHS tapes converted to DVD and Camcorder tapes switched as well. Lots of great family memories preserved. Now in a form that can be viewed over and over. So happy I decided to do this. Great quality. Took about 4 weeks to receive which was faster than originally estimated.

- Jane from Cincinnati

04/17/2016 Video to DVD

I have had my videos since February, just haven't had time to view them. I finally finished them! I am so glad that I decided to have this done. I have preserved the memories from when my kids were small! Don't trust that the video tape will last, because it won't. Preserve now so you can watch over and over again. -- Great job Deborah! Thanks

- Patty from Cincinnati

04/04/2016 Home Movie Transfer

I highly recommend home video studio for any transferring of images from one source to another. Debbie made special accommodations for me when I arrived at her place of business and met me on her front porch to conduct our business affairs. Upon picking up my completed DVDs Debbie again made special arrangements and brought them directly to my car. I will definitely be using them again in the near future.

- Lynne from Ft Mitchell

03/28/2016 Video to DVD

Home Video Studio transferred several VHS tapes to DVDs for us. It was an easy experience and Debbie was great to work with. Highly recommend!

- Courtney from Hebron

03/25/2016 Video to DVD

We had a large number of full size and VHS-C tapes that we have not seen in years. Home Video Studio did a great job transferring them all to DVDs. What was especially great was some of the tapes had mold on them. We are retired military so our tapes have been through a lot. Debbie was able to clean them up and save our memories. Thanks for doing such a great job.

- Bill from Union

03/23/2016 Video to DVD

I have been pleased with both the quality of the work; the timeliness of the turnaround; and the ability to be attentive to me as your customer. Having you pick up and deliver the product was a great help to me, and I certainly appreciate this. I recommend your service without reservation.

- Dr. Hamberg from Crestview Hills

03/14/2016 Audio Tape Transfer

I am listening to a special recording transferred by Home Video Studio from cassette to CD. My uncle's memories of a Christmas in about 1911 are now preserved for the rest of the family to enjoy. Excellent work! Highly recommend. Sara

- Sara P. Howrey from Highland Heights, KY

03/04/2016 Video to DVD

I have used Home Video Studio DVD transfer service twice. First time Deborah took a one of a kind vhs and transferred it to DVD. Great job. In January I gave Deborah 24 super 8 camcorder videos and movies. She transferred them to DVD movies. The were catalogued by year and date. All dvd's were labeled properly with content and dates on the labels. She boxed all the dvd's and made it into a box set. Very professional and classic. Thank you. My children and grandchild now have movies to watch for years. I will definitely be using Home Video Studio again.

- Tim Kerwin from Milford

02/28/2016 Home Movie Transfer

For the first time in years I was able to view videos of my kids and my wedding due to the ability to transfer 8mm to a USB. Thank you Deborah! My kids loved the videos and got to see my wedding! Nice work!

- Lynda from Union

02/23/2016 Video Services

I would recommend Home Video Studio to anyone looking to have any kind of video or audio tape transferred from original tape source to a file or dvd/cd. The turnaround time was awesome as they promised a two day turnaround per my request. It was actually done and in my hands the following day!

- Tim from Ft. Mitchell

02/19/2016 Home Movie Transfer

We just watched the first DVD from our home movie transfer. Thank you for the wonderful job you did. What wonderful memories that we have not seen in years since our old camcorder broke. We can't wait to watch the other DVDs. I have some VHS home movies I plan on having transferred also. Precious memories!

- Jana Kathman from Erlanger

02/18/2016 Video to DVD

I entrusted my wedding video to Home Video Studio in hopes that it could be put on DVD in time for my tenth anniversary, three days later. I was able to pick up my DVD (and my original videotape) the very next day. I gave it to my wife as an anniversary present, and she loved it. The DVD was professionally labelled and in a durable plastic case. We both look forward to watching it for years to come. I know now where to go anytime I need any type of video services. Thank you so much!

- Bryan from Ft Mitchell

02/18/2016 Video to DVD

Home Video Studio is right here in our backyard - no shipping and worrying that you may not get your video returned. You can have your old videos transferred to digital right here in Northern KY - (either a physical dvd copy or up on "the cloud" for easy sharing with your friends and family). Debbie is extremely professional, personable and friendly. Super fast turnaround, and the product looked perfect. I went to Debbie (blindly) after seeing her Facebook ad, and she put me at ease immediately and answered all of my questions. We'll definitely be coming back for return business. I encourage all of my friends to support your local business and have your videos transferred at Home Video Studio in Erlanger, KY. Four Star Service! I am so happy to get to know Debbie and get all of our video services done here locally. Can't wait to start working on all the baby videos of my family. Thanks so much!!

- Sarita from Hebron

02/15/2016 Video to DVD

Knowledgeable, friendly, timely and reasonable costs. Will definitely use again!

- Mike from Villa Hills

02/14/2016 Video to DVD

Wow, where do I start? Working with Debbie was such a great experience all around. My daughter and I decided very late on a 50th birthday gift for her mother; converting several VHS-C tapes to DVD. We found Debbie after searching for a local company with a really good reputation. After all, entrusting your lifelong memories to a complete stranger isn't easy. We didn't want to worry about our valuable memories being lost or damaged in shipping, so the onsite drop off service was perfect for us. Not only did she work with us on such short notice, she actually finished the job early and returned our valuable tapes along with the new DVD's in excellent condition. My daughter was so excited, she gave her mom the gift a day early. The look on my wife's face was precious and priceless. Watching the two of them relive memorable moments together was something I'll never forget. Many thanks to Debbie for making my wife's 50th birthday such an incredible event for all of us. We will definitely be using her again and highly recommending her to our friends and family.

- Kevin Alexander from Burlington

02/08/2016 Home Movie Transfer

The video is great. Can't wait to give to my sons. Their Dad passed away and this is the only video we had of him on zip line in Mexico. I know they will cherish it always and tell their children about their Grandpa.

- Theresa from Villa Hills

02/01/2016 Home Movie Transfer

I had been 25 years since I saw my children's home movies. It was so easy to view them once again after they transferred my super 8 films to a digital format.

- Steve from Florence

01/27/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Debbie responded quickly to all my questions and did a great job transferring our 20 year old home movies to DVDs. I would highly recommend and will be using again in the future!

- Jamie from Covington

01/25/2016 Video to DVD

I brought in several old VHS tapes to have transferred over to DVD You made the process so easy. Quick turnaround, reasonable cost ,and very high quality. You brought big smiles to our faces We had not seen these family movies in over twenty years! Thank you!

- Jim from Cincinnati

01/20/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Thank you so much for the great DVD you made! You were able to fix the broken VHS tape and make a great DVD that included many windows to find any scene we wanted to view. We recommend Deborah's Video Service to everyone!

- Cher Classick from Amelia

01/18/2016 Video to DVD

We were very happy with our project; Your turnaround time and quality of work were excellent. We were also very pleased with the scene selection feature.

- Ken & Brenda from Crestview Hills

01/18/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Deborah did an amazing job of taking care of some very, very old film and audio and put them into a DVD and CD for us. Excellent quality and extremely professional service.

- Chalee from Erlanger

01/15/2016 Audio Tape Transfer

Professional. That word best sums up Deborah's approach to her business and her service ethics. Thanks. Always a pleasure doing business with you. Warm Regards, David S

- David S from Florence

01/03/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Deborah, I want to thank you so much for converting my 8mm films.You did an amazing job in restoring my family's memories!

- Brandon from New Richmond

12/28/2015 Audio Tape Transfer

Thank you Debbie for the great job on transferring my dad's old reel-to-reel audio tapes to a usable format for today's technology. It was great to hear his music, and voices from another generation once again. I look forward to using Home Video Studio to transfer my home movies soon!

- Becky from Union

12/28/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Debbie did a fantastic job transferring our videos from SD card to CD. More importantly, she was able to produce it in a fraction of the time Walgreens or Walmart would have done it. She has a great personal touch, making sure the material is actually on the media before doing work (which would have been a costly disaster for me had I sent everything by mail to big-chain competitors.) The pricing is very reasonable and certainly worth it when compared to dealing with the frustration of doing it myself. We'll definitely be coming back!

- Thom R from Crescent Springs, KY

12/28/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Could not find a better place to have movies copied. Some of ours were 8mm film (60 yrs old) and have been preserved. Good pricing and great studio with Deborah offering ideas and lots of help. Can't beat it.

- Joyce from Florence

12/21/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Debbie thank you for the wonderful gift of having my home movies put on a CD for me to enjoy for years to come! How precious is it to see my kids as babies and share that with everyone. Thank you, thank you!

- Kristy Lohre from Lakeside Park

12/15/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Home Video Studio did a fantastic job moving my family video on 8mm to DVD. Outstanding! Great editing and scene selection, all for a fair price. They take the time to listen to what the customer wants and obviously has the professional experience to deliver! Great customer service! I have a more 8mm tapes to give them soon.

- Tom from North Bend, OH

12/15/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I started the process of converting my home movies with Home Video Studio. I am very impressed with their work. I will definitely take the rest of my tapes to them to be converted to DVD.

- Joe Morgan from California

12/14/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I was well pleased with the service and quality of work provided. Considering the age and condition of the film I had brought to you, I felt that the end product was of top quality. Staff was very professional and courteous. I felt that the cost was very reasonable considering the medium I brought to them for work. I would highly recommend this company to more of my friends. Thank you for your help.

- John from Mt. Vernon

12/09/2015 Video to DVD

All I can say is "Wow!" I just recently had my high school 25th class reunion and wanted to convert my vhs tapes of my class play and graduation to DVD to show to my other classmates. Was just going to take them down to Walgreen's to have it done only to find out they send them across country to convert them at their studio. I'm so glad I found Debbie and she did the job right in her home studio! Totally empressed and pleased!! I could not have asked a better job that she did on my tape to DVD conversion. In viewing them now I can not only laugh and reminisce on my high school days but I'm totally impressed with the professional job and quality that she did on this.Excellent well done job Debbie!!Well worth it and affordable as well. Now since I learned she can convert some things like this and do other things as well I will be returning!! So if anyone needs to have a job like this done and conversions made please contact Debbie!! They make great gifts too.

- Carl from Geiman

12/07/2015 Home Movie Transfer

We had a number of 8mm tapes successfully converted to DVDs and due to our short time schedule (submitted on a Friday and needed it by the following Friday), Home Video Studio Services delivered ahead of schedule! We actually received the DVDs by the Monday after the Friday submission. I found the customer service and the quality of the transfer excellent! Home Video Services is worth exploring for a number of different services.

- Jane from Edgewood, KY

12/07/2015 Video to DVD

The video is great. Can't wait to give to my sons for Christmas. Their Dad passed away and this is the only video we had of him on zip line in Mexico. I know they will cherish it always and tell their children about their Grandpa.

- Terri from Villa Hills

12/05/2015 Video to DVD

I found Home Video on google search when looking for a way to convert video to dvd. I had a video of my granddaughter that meant a lot to me and I wanted to be able to see it and show it to her after many years. We have all enjoyed it and you did a great job. Thanks, Joyce

- Joyce from Union,Ky

12/05/2015 Video to DVD

My family videos were on VHS and I didn't realize they could be converted to DVD until I discovered Deborah and Home Video Studio online. She did a great job and so quick too! Thank you for giving my family memories back to me.?

- Mac from Union

12/03/2015 Audio Tape Transfer

Home Video Services did an outstanding job of converting audio from my wife's old Sony reel to reel tape recorder. Some of the tape recordings were more than 50 years old and represented precious audio from my wife's grandparents. The quality of the audio and transfer to archival CD was incredible. I know my wife and her family will be ecstatic to receive this special gift over the holidays. I will definitely be using Home Video Studip again for my future needs and hope others will take advantage of their great services

- Steve Cooper from Cincinnati

12/02/2015 Video to DVD

Thank you so much. Videos of my daughters 1st 5 years of life(including her birth) I thought were lost due to technology advances. My father used Debbie's service and told me about it. 15+ video tapes from early 200's came out incredible. Thank you so much. And Debbie is wonderful to work with. Thanks Again.

- Bret from Cincinnati

12/02/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I found Home Video Studio on a google search. I'm glad I did! I had several very old (i.e. father's Korean War footage and parents wedding) reel to reel film footage transferred to a disc. It was fun to watch those captured memories. I would definitely use them again.

- Tracie from Mason

11/29/2015 Video to DVD

We were worried our memories might be lost forever until we found Home Video Studio. They did a great job for a reasonable price in a short time frame. Definetly need to have the rest of our videos transferred onto DVDs as soon as possible. Thanks!

- Kathy from Northern KY

11/27/2015 Video to DVD

I quickly stumbled upon Home Video Studio after doing a web search for sound and video edit and transfer in my area. I then did my homework and found that their prices were fair and they were able to transfer my 8mm video to DVD in less than 48 hours! No other competitor was capable of such fast and professional results. Deborah was so kind and personally attentive to the results I needed. I recently relocated to this area and I am so thrilled to have found Deborah and Home Video Studio to help with my sound and video needs as a performing artist! I would absolutely recommend them and I am sure I will be using their services in the future!

- Lindsey from Hebron

11/20/2015 Video Services

I am very happy with the results of the audio and film conversions to digital format. I have much more to have converted and am looking forward to continuing doing business with Home Video Studio.

- Lisa from Fort Mitchell

11/10/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Debbie at Home Video Studio did a fantastic job transferring 20 VHS and old home movie reels of mine to DVDs for me. I finally could see those home movies I'd been promising myself for years that I'd get transferred to DVDs. What a treat! I was always concerned with having to mail off my movies as they could not be replaced. I was relieved to find the Home Video Studio. Once I talked with Debbie, I felt they were safe in their hands. I will be referring Home Video Studio to everyone!

- Joy from Covington

11/02/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Charlie and I are very pleased with how all the old VHS tapes and 8 MM reels turned out when you made them into DVDs. We had no idea what was on some of them and it is fun to watch them in such an easy manner. You gave us a reasonable time line and stuck to it - even got them done a little quicker I think! We will definitely recommend you to our friends.

- Lisa from Burlington

10/30/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I was so pleased with the services Debbie provided. I needed a video transferred to a DVD rather quickly. Debbie was very professional, did a great job and got it done quickly. Couldn't ask for more! And I felt comfortable leaving the video with her locally instead of mailing it away. Am getting ready to have her transfer some more for me. Would highly recommend her to family and friends.

- Marianne from Union

10/29/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Thanks so much for transferring the wedding video to DVD. We loved watching it! You made me feel very comfortable leaving the video with you and you did a very professional job! Will be bringing more to you soon! Thanks.

- Marianne from Union

10/27/2015 Photo Videos

What a creative and tear jerking video for my parents 50th anniversary party. The comments never ceased. They and we will enjoy it forever! It was even better than I could have imagined. Everyone agrees!! Jeff. ??

- Jeff Horsley from Independence, Kentucky

10/27/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I recently had a very special Mini DV which I needed transferred to DVD. I was so happy with the end product! The quality of work, professionalism and the fact that Debbie is local are all reasons for me to use her again. Thanks!!

- Marianne Johnson from Union

10/16/2015 Video to DVD

I was very pleased with the quality of work you did for my video transfer and have been telling others about your services.

- Gary from Union

10/16/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I just wanted to thank you for the great job converting our films to DVD! My mother absolutely loved them.... So much so that she wants me to order 10 more sets for the rest of our extended family!

- Patrick from Cincinnati

10/15/2015 Video to DVD

I was so happy to find Debbie at Home Video Studio! I was apprehensive about sending away our 25 year old VHS tapes of our wedding to various on-line services to be transferred to DVD. By working with a local company, my mind was at ease. I found Debbie to be very kind, extremely knowledgeable, talented and prompt. I plan to have Debbie/Home Video Studio create other DVDs from more of our VHS mementos. Many thanks!

- Mary from Amelia

10/08/2015 Home Movie Transfer

We were really happy with the quality of the transfers; many of the 8mm movies had been in storage for 50 years! We were afraid that we would have problems with them but they really turned out good. My only negative feedback was that it took quite a while to get back but other than that, we were happy with the product.

- Cindy from Cincinnati

10/05/2015 Video to DVD

I was very fortunate and happy to have found your company. The work you performed was timely and high quality. Your pricing was very competitive. I will use you again soon.

- Adolf Olivas from Hamilton

09/15/2015 Video Editing

I was searching for a service to make some additional copies of some DVDs I had. I especially wanted a nice label for these. I found Deborah Williams and her Home Video Studio company on the internet. I am sooooo happy that I did!!! She took the 49 year old high school basketball game films I had previously transferred to DVD in raw form and transformed them into something great! Her editing process put the game films in real time so they didn't look like old time silent movies. Before editing, the images were sped up and didn't look natural. Imagine how exciting it was at our recent team reunion which included the premiere of these games that were originally on 16mm film and not seen by anyone since December 1966. The labels, editing and transfer was done first class. Thank you so much Debbie. I'm in the process of tracking down more film to bring your way. I HIGHLY recommend Home Video Studio.

- Gary Caplinger from Lawrenceburg

09/08/2015 Video Production

Debbie put together pictures and music that were special to my son and daughter in law for their wedding rehearsal dinner. We added clips of all the aunts and uncles and grandparents telling the story of how they met or their first date, etc, after the When Harry Met Sally movie interviews. My daughter in law's favorite movie!! Debbie made it look just like the real movie and added the right touches to create a moving and treasured video for all to enjoy. This really made the night for us and brought two families together as one!! I have also seen her tremendous work for the Dixie Heights Marching band over the years, so i can Highly recommend this business for all of your video needs.!!

- Susanne Cetrulo from Edgewood

09/04/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Debbie's work is of excellent quality, I could not be more pleased with her transfer of our family's film, to be able to view film that was shot prior to my birth then after my birth of my grandparents whom have long pasted away and other family members whom are no longer with us bought back floods of memories of days long past, Thank you Debbie for being such a professional at this work which has allowed me and my family to view and relive these memories that would have been lost if not for you!!

- Tammie J Neace from Harrison

09/03/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Our film transfers will make very nice Christmas presents for the boys, who were about 4-years old in the video, and who are now about 40! My how time flies!

- Bob from Ft. Wright

09/01/2015 Audio Tape Transfer

Thank you so much Debbie for the service you provided. We had some old Audio Reel to Reel recordings transferred of my Dad Preaching, and the Memories it has given me back are priceless. I will be back for more!

- Debbie from Williamstown

09/01/2015 Video Production

Debbie did a wonderful job on producing a video of my proposal to my fiance! We will forever have this moment and the whole day to go back and cherish because of you! Thank you! Jon & Molly

- Jonathan from Erlanger

08/11/2015 Video to DVD

Thanks, Deborah, for an excellent job of editing and transferring a 50 year old movie/video to DVD. Editing-in the music to the title pages you made was well done. The 8mm movies of our wedding event 50 years ago can now be passed on to the younger generations.

- Jon Gresham from Batavia, Ohio

08/08/2015 Video to DVD

Debbie did an awesome job andshe was fast too. I needed football game tape from this past weekend transferred to DVD from tape and she had it done and back in my hands in less than a day. Thank you very much

- Jeff from Walton

08/08/2015 Video to DVD

Debbie is great! I needed a VHS tape transferred to a DVD and I needed it in a hurry. Debbie turned it around in 1 day and I could not be happier. Thank you Debbie. I will recommend you to anyone that needs your services. Thank You!

- Ed from Newport

08/01/2015 Video to DVD

Another awesome job and completed so quickly! Deborah helped us combine 2 tapes of the same event so that everything was in perfect order. The DVD quality is wonderful, even though the tapes were in bad condition. Thanks so much!

- Jenny from Erlanger

07/24/2015 Home Movie Transfer

We had our vacation to Aruba movie transferred to DVD. We had so much fun watching it that we are planning a trip back. Debbie also did the edits to our previous order. She was so prompt. I had a birthday deadline and she was finished way before the my deadline for mailing. Great Service.

- Cathy Jetter from Walton

07/20/2015 Video to DVD

Someone had taken my 8mm tape and copied it to a VHS tape and then moved to DVD. I found Home Video Studio and had them transfer the 8mm tape to DVD and was MUCH happier with the quality. Nice job, and a quick turn around as well!

- Roger from Cincinnati

07/20/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Debbie was pleasant to work with and the service was prompt and professional. Most comforting was the fact that this was local! Very comforting not to have to mail all our home movies.

- Attef Mikhail from Park Hills

07/06/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Great Service! Love that we were able to preserve our home movies. Debbie was wonderful to work with and the service was very prompt. We are taking more movies over to be transferred to DVD.

- Cathy Jetter from Walton

07/06/2015 Photo Videos

Thank you very much. I appreciate all the care you have taken in both of my projects. You do great work and help people in so many ways.

- Drue from Walton

07/03/2015 Video to DVD

Once again, I brought more videos to be transferred to DVD s and am very pleased that our wonderful family memories have been preserved! Deborah is helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and so easy to work with! Would recommend her services to anyone who wants to replace their old tapes with DVDs that will last for years!

- Janice from Edgewood

06/25/2015 Video to DVD

Like many, we had about 15 years worth of 8MM video that sat dormant and was 'never-seen-before' footage. I found Debbie's Home Video Studio on-line, and could not be more pleased with the terrific work she did in helping me convert over 30 Hi8 video tapes to DVD, which I now can even rip digitally onto my hard drive. More important, she finished the huge project ahead of schedule, which allowed me to surprise my wife and teenaged children with archives worth of family videos to view the entire drive for our family vaction this summer. They LOVED it, and certainly proved to be much better than the alternative - same old movies or social media that otherwise occupies their time on family vacations. Thanks Debbie!

- Scott from Crestview Hills

06/17/2015 Video to DVD

I can't say enough. I had some older videos one of my gramma singing in church. I got the video out to play for my kids since she passed in 2006. To my horror the recorder damaged the tape. I was a completely tore up as this is the only video I have of her. I did a search found Home Video Studio. I emailed them about the issue. I got a response the same day and was assured it was not an issue. I dropped off my tapes and a week later I have everything back and got to show my kids. I can't say enough good things about our experience and have already recommended to other family members. Thanks again Deborah

- Brian from Erlanger

06/12/2015 Video to DVD

Deborah, I can't thank you enough for the great job you did on my softball video. Brought back a lot of wonderful memories. I'm thinking I might want to get another made! Thanks again.

- Tifani from Covington

06/11/2015 Video to DVD

Wow! What a great job Debbie! I would highly recommend Home Video Studio to my friends. My 8mm home videos were converted to DVDs with printed labels and returned to me in a nice storage album with a printed cover. I appreciate the fact that even during a busy season, she let me dictate the time frame that I would like them finished by. I would definitely use these services again!

- Katrina from Independence

06/11/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Thanks Debbie for the prompt and professional service! I will definitely be calling you for my next video/picture project.

- Jon from Erlanger

06/01/2015 Home Movie Transfer

After fooling around for 2 years trying transfer home movies from VHS to DVD, I gave up and found Debbie. Wow! What a gift! To think I wasted all that time and money. She is a treasure that I will surely use again.

- Jean Albice from Ft. Thomas

05/26/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I want to thank Home Video Studio for converting my family memories to DVDs. I gave them video in a couple of different formats and it required some challenges to convert but they did a great job for a reasonable price. I was able to then see old family movies, some dating back to the 1950s, for the first time in a very long time. Those memories are priceless. Thanks again for a very professional job.

- Mark from Cincinnati

05/11/2015 Video Editing

I can not express my gratitude enough for the wonderful job Debbie did for our son's wedding last September of 2014 and our daughter's wedding this past April 2015. I gathered the photos of both couples and selected some songs appropriate to their personalities. Debbie did all the rest and produced a cherished video we will enjoy for a lifetime! Both were played (as a surprise) at their rehearsal dinners. Everyone laughed and cried during the video viewing. Debbie has such a talent in making a personal and beautiful product that touches everyone's heart!! Sincerely Patty and family.

- Patty Ritter from Cincinnati

05/11/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I had several very old home movies that they did a great job transferring to a wonderful DVD for me. My dad really loved seeing them. I would use them for any future needs.

- Stephanie from Cincinnati

05/04/2015 Audio Tape Transfer

Home Video Studio did an excellent job of converting my cassette tapes to CD and mp3. The quality is terrific, seems even better than the tape, if that's possible. Quality work, professionally done.

- Ann from Union

04/29/2015 Video to DVD

I had four 8mm mystery tapes... I didn't know how full they were or what exactly was on them. Debbie did a fabulous job! She took the time to condense the videos onto two DVDs. My mother will be thrilled to have these memories on DVDs; I'm sure she's forgotten all about them!

- Stephanie from Elsmere

04/20/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I brought several 40-50 year old 8mm films to be transferred. I had each as a separate file because I to put together clips for each of my siblings. I am sure they will enjoy it. It is great to have these film to view again without the risk of permanent damage from the old projector. Thanks

- Robert W from Villa Hills

04/15/2015 35mm slide transfer

My Dad was so pleased with the DVD of his slides. My siblings are also happy to have a copy to view these old memories. Thanks again.

- Pat from Cincinnati

04/15/2015 Audio Tape Transfer

Thanks Debbie for converting my cassette tapes to CD. We are happy to be able to listen to these special moments again.

- Pat from Cincinnati

04/15/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I am very happy with the process and end result of our movie transfer. Debbie had some great ideas and we are so pleased to be able to watch our home movies on our TV now.

- Pat from Cincinnati

04/14/2015 Video Editing

The video tribute for my friend was a major success and the perfect gift for Mike. Everyone loved it. A total surprise. His face and the sound in the room when Elvis appeared on screen was priceless. I am so glad I gave him this special gift (for some unknown reason it was meant to be). Thank you so much for all of your creative vision and hard work. It truely is a masterpiece. Mike absolutely loves it and he said you did a fantastic job.

- Lillie from Florence

03/28/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Debbie was both professional and caring when it came to taking care of my precious memories. The smile on my Mom's face as she watched her family reunion from 25 yrs ago was priceless! Will definitely tell others about the Great Job Debbie did! Thanks Again!

- Gale Singleton from Bellevue, Ky

03/27/2015 Video to DVD

Great service, great quality...Deborah Williams runs a first class operation...

- Tom Kurlas from Batavia

03/22/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Well I just received my third batch of DVDs, this time it was an entire box full of over 20 years worth of memories!! (and I still have a few more to go!) Definitely worth the investment to keep the memories, and have something to pass on to the family. Great job! Highly recommend!

- Diane from Sanders, KY

03/20/2015 Video to DVD

When I delivered those 40 old video tapes of family movies to you for conversion to CD’s, I held out little hope that the conversion would be successful. I could not get the tapes to play on my unit at the house so I was not expecting much. I am happy to inform you that the conversion to DVD worked perfectly. Thanks for allowing me the chance to reclaim my lost memories, 20 years of lost and forgotten memories of births and weddings, grade schools, high schools and colleges, soccer, baseball, basketball, volley ball and football games, vacations and holidays, and our 5 children growing up. I could not be more pleased with the finish product and you have given us countless hours of entertainment. I wish I had done it sooner. Thanks again.

- Don from Ft. Mitchell

03/12/2015 35mm slide transfer

Thank you Debbie for your great work on the slide I had you enlarge for me. I highly recommend anyone that is looking for photo work or any type of movie transfers to visit Debbie. Very friendly service and keeps you up to date on progress.

- Brian from Falmouth

03/11/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Deborah did an excellent job converting our tapes to DVD's. We have spent hours watching old home videos. Thanks for the friendliness and great job!

- Tricia from Erlanger

03/08/2015 Video to DVD

I had 2 challenging projects. The first to copy a number of 50 year old 3” reel to reel audio tapes recorded at 1 7/8 ips to CDs. The second to copy a large number of 30+ year old slides to a DVD. Home Video Studio did great work on both projects, the results were outstanding, on time and at a reasonable price. Definitely a business to recommend and to work with you on your video projects.

- Aron C from Peoria

02/23/2015 Video to DVD

Thanks Debbie for doing such a great job on converting our old home movies onto DVD. We have already spent several hours with the family enjoying the old memories. I would recommend your service to anyone interested in preserving their memories and making them easier to watch. Appreciate your professional approach to the business and your high quality work.

- Jennifer from Erlanger

02/15/2015 Video to DVD

Deb did a great job converting our VHS tapes to DVD. The process was easy, they understood what was needed and again final product is great. We have more to do, so we’ll be coming back – plus we’re telling all our family members and friends they need to use Home Video Studio.

- Dan from Alexandria

02/12/2015 Video to DVD

Highly recommend them. Deb took the time to organize 21 years worth of home movies and put them in order

- Mike from Erlanger

02/09/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I have been through 2 of the DVDs you made for me from VHS tapes, and they are great! I really think they look better than the originals. I will be back soon with the other set..

- Richard from Hebron

02/04/2015 Home Movie Transfer

So thankful I found Deb to save all of our memories that were degrading on the tapes we had. Some of them we couldn't even watch anymore. Deb did a great job improving the quality of the video. And, everything came back to us organized, and the final product was beautiful. I gave her a mess of tapes and she organized, improved and transferred all to DVD. Amazing! So glad I saw Home Video Studio Ad! Thanks Deb!

- Peg from Erlanger

02/03/2015 Home Movie Transfer

The videos look better on video than from the projector. The jazzy music is an unexpected surprise and makes the videos more enjoyable to watch. Debbie estimated about 6 weeks turnaround time but I had them back in 3 weeks. Prices are very reasonable too.

- Dan from Cincinnati

01/22/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Very happy with our home movies. Over 50-years of memories brought back. I only wish my mother could have seen them before she passed away.

- Jeany from Belevue

01/20/2015 Video Editing

The crowd was so talkative during the music before my daughters wedding that you could barely hear my niece singing. Debbie saved the day by mudding out the crowd noise and adding volume to my niece's voice. Thank you!

- Susan from Cincinnati

01/09/2015 Video to DVD

Trying to watch our home movies on VHS-C was very difficult so for Christmas, I decided to have them transferred to DVD. The quality is amazing and Deborah finished the project so quickly! We couldn't be happier! Thanks so much!

- Jenny from Erlanger

12/29/2014 Video to DVD

Deb did a beautiful job restoring some old VHS memories to DVD. As promised they were ready on time and family and friends had a great time watching at Christmas.

- Bill from Edgewood

12/27/2014 Video to DVD

When my daughter's wedding video was stolen in a home burglary, Deborah did a rush job and copied the only copy left to a DVD complete with a beautiful cover so that I could give it to her on Christmas. Great job and so nice to do business with.

- Barbara Matracia from Union

12/19/2014 Home Movie Transfer

Another fantastic job!! This is the 2nd DVD Debbie made for us tranfering old 8mm movies. Good quality, fast service. I am about to take yet another bag full of old movies for her to transfer for me. This is such fun and so easy to just play them on the TV!!

- Diane from Sanders, KY

12/15/2014 Duplications

Found Home Video Studio online. Favorable quote for my work, Job was completed ahead of time and well assembled. Thanks again. I will not hesitate to use you services in the future.

- Paul from Ft. Wright

12/10/2014 Video to DVD

Home Video Studio was extremely accommodating and expedited my large VHS transfer to DVD in a matter of a few weeks. The amount of special memories my family has now in DVD form, will be so nice to share in watching with one another for many years to come. I look forward in giving my parents this timeless gift!

- Ty from Burlington

12/09/2014 Video to DVD

Debbie did an awesome job transferring my brothers wedding to DVDs. She completed the job in just a few days, she completely surprised me. I will be gifting the DVDs to my sister-n-law and my brother for Christmas, I know they are going to love it, to have those memories forever. I will recommend Debbie to everyone. Thanks so much.

- Lynn McGuffee from Union

12/07/2014 Video to DVD

Great job and fast service. I would use her again.

- Richard Whiting from Ryland Heights

12/03/2014 Home Movie Transfer

This is my second collection of movies that we had transferred and I was once again very satisfied. I love how they all come in a neat and organized case. Thanks for the great service you provide.

- Ann Marie from Erlanger

11/28/2014 Home Movie Transfer

Extremely happy with the service provided. Deborah is great to work with!! I had several different formats that needed to be converted including Beta. Deborah did an excellent job converting all formats with no issues. She completed the project timely. Finished DVDs were placed in a nice case, organized. It was so nice to go back and watch home videos from years ago that otherwise would never be viewed again. I highly recommend Deborah and HVS!!

- Jetta from Cincinnati

11/20/2014 Duplications

Debbie Williams did a great job converting slides of original paintings to DVD. I enjoyed working with Debbie and HVS and will most likely get extra disks of the slides. It was a wonderfully finished product! HVS is great!!! Sincerely , Irvin Laibson -CEO EDUentertain,Inc

- Irvine from Loveland

11/10/2014 Video Editing

Thank you so much for the video work you put together for my halloween party this year!!! I cant tell you how pleased everyone was. Im already planning next years event and will give you plenty of time to prepare another video for me! Your work is very professional and turned out way better than I expected. I will let friends and family know where to go for your services!

- Mike from Cincinnati

11/07/2014 Video Services

I brought Debbie a 25-year-old VHS tape that we found while cleaning out our basement, which was loaded with Saturday morning cartoons and with a special home movie that our son had taken of his sister on her 2nd birthday. Our son was only seven when he made the recording and he had passed away three-years ago. This movie was very important to our family. She transferred and edited the movie with a few special touches, and it turned out absolutely beautiful. She took great care and was compassionate in the process which is something you won't find in a "big box" store.

- Susan from Edgewood

11/06/2014 Video Services

I have ALWAYS had great service from HVS. Over the past few months I have had a business associate in town that was updating their personal and business files and needed VHS transferred to DVD. Deborah Williams transferred, edited and collated 2 grocery bags of old VHS tapes into a professional workable package before my friend left town for his next assignment! She and the HVS services are top-notch, timely and so easy to work with!

- Charlie Fry from Wilder, Ky

10/31/2014 Video to DVD

We recently had several old home videos transferred from film to DVD by Deborah. The transfers turned out great and she was willing to edit them once the transfer was completed. She is pleasant, accommodating and provides quick service. The completed package will make a great gift to our kids.

- Connie from Erlanger

10/29/2014 Video to DVD

After my video player had eaten a VHS-C tape that I was trying to view, I brought the video player to Debbie. She successfully removed the cassette adaptor from the machine, and then removed the tape from the adaptor without any breakage of the tape! Debbie offers skillful professional service and is accommodating and friendly. I had her transfer 10 tapes and plan to take more for her to transfer to DVD.

- Jan from Edgewood

10/19/2014 Video to DVD

Debbie did a fantastic job transferring our wedding to DVD. We're so grateful to have those memories forever. It only took a couple of days, too!

- Courtney from Edgewood

10/13/2014 Home Movie Transfer

Absolutely love my DVD. I had over 1400 ft. of old 8mm movies of my family from 1958-1964, and I wanted them saved on DVD so I could enjoy watching them, and preserve them to pass down to my kids. Debbie did a great job, and I was pleased with the quality. I have lots more that i'm going to have her transfer for me. Good customer service.

- Diane from Sanders, KY

10/02/2014 Video Services

Mu husband was thrilled with all the old audio recordings he had from the 60s forward. They sounded great! Debbie was able to do a great job helping us preserve these memories. Quality product and timely too! We will be referring her to our friends and family, as well as getting some old video put onto DVDs.

- Chris from Florence

09/23/2014 Home Movie Transfer

We had a CD made for our sons rehearsal dinner . This CD created by Debbie , was the highlight of the evening! I gave Debbie various photos of the bride and groom growing up and she helped me with the music. Her expertise and creativity were outstanding . I felt like I was her only client as she was so personable and helpful in making this cd a lifelong treasure . Everyone laughed and cried as the photos and music touched everyone's heart. Will certainly recommend her to everyone !!

- Patricia Ritter from Cincinnati

09/19/2014 Video Editing

Thank you Debbie for the work you did for me on the videos of my band. I appreciate the good communication as we worked through the project and I especially appreciate the excellent results we got. Thanks so much!

- Alan from Paintsville

09/09/2014 Home Movie Transfer

I had many 50-year-old film reels converted to DVD at Home Video Studio (Erlanger). Working with Deborah was above and beyond my expectations. She was super friendly, cheery and made me feel like a friend she'd known for years. Her studio is immaculately clean, bright and organized, unlike many other studios I've visited. Deborah made the process easy and seamless. The quality of her work and thoroughness are far above the other business I used before I found her. I will continue to use her services in the future.

- Meegan from Cincinnati

09/09/2014 Home Movie Transfer

What an absolute amazing job Debbie did helping me organize and transfer my families memories for us to watch for years to come. I will be a returning customer and forever grateful for her hard work and perfect to make my movies a true treasure!

- Jessica from Southgate


Debbie was very helpful and her studio was very organized and welcoming!

- Anne Marie Dierker from Erlanger

08/05/2014 Video to DVD

Made the family happy! I gave DVDs from our video tapes to my husband for our Anniversary (Aug. 2). He has watched many already. I gave our daughter her Horse Show videos for her birthday on Aug. 1. My son has yet to get his since his birthday is August 15. and lives in Louisville. Thank for all the memories!

- Joyce from Florence

07/25/2014 Home Movie Transfer

I would like to thank you for a job well done. The quality of the work transferred from 8mm. format to DVD was truly outstanding and was enjoyed by myself as well as my family. You brought back to life a lot of good memories which my family will cherish for all time. Again, thank you for a job well done.

- Garland from Alexandria

07/22/2014 Photo Videos

Deborah was diligent and very cooperative in converting our old 35mm slides to digital formats on CDs. The photos are clear, sharp and fresh. We are very happy with the outcome. We plan to return to her Home Video Studio for diverse projects. It's good to be able to find this reliable local service.

- Tristan & Gail from Erlanger

07/02/2014 Video to DVD

I could not possibly be any happier or satisfied with the quality of the work by Debbie Williams and her Home Video Studio. I highly recommend this professional for any conversion work with Beta to DVD or duplication of CDs, etc. She's top notch and a lady that I will work with again in the future with pleasure. You should as well.

- Sandra from Newport

06/24/2014 Home Movie Transfer

Deborah, We just wanted to let you know that we had our family reunion in the Smokies and your video of our children growing up 40-years ago was the highlight of the occasion. We were lucky to have available a 19-foot outdoor screen to view it on and we were all huddled under blankets on the deck, laughing and crying for over an hour. Thank you again for a job well done!

- Dale from Ft. Wright

06/05/2014 Duplications

Thank you Deborah for my recent batch of 35mm slide transfers. These slides were taken in 1979, and before coming to Home Video Studio - Erlanger, I had purchased a small device to transfer them myself. Unfortunately, I couldn't see some of my own transfers because the slides had faded so badly. Deborah was able to bring out all the color and upon looking at them, you would have thought they had just been shot! Thank you again, and I am looking forward to getting the next batch of slides from you, restored and on DVD. I am a very satisfied customer.

- Nora from Independence

06/05/2014 Video to DVD

Debbie, I really appreciate your taking the time with me explaining everything and putting it all on the table, i.e. prices, instructions and suggestions. I will be bringing out 8mm film within the next month!

- Phil from Villa Hills

05/29/2014 Video Production

Our video was amazing! Thank you for not only producing an outstanding band video, but for coming to camps and competitions to take so many pictures and video. While watching the video, there was a lot of laughter as well as some tears. Your creativity and time was put to good use and I sincerely appreciate it.

- Robb from Edgewood

05/23/2014 Video to DVD

Home Video Studio did an excellent job converting my old VHS home movies to DVDs. My mom died when I was just fourteen years old, so it was very important for my dad, brother, sister and I to have these videos to remember her and share with our own children. Home Video Studio was very reasonably priced and much faster than I expected. I also liked that my VHS tapes and precious memories did not have to be sent out to someone else and risk being lost. I would definitely recommend Home Video Studio and will use them again for future needs.

- Stephanie from Cincinnati

05/19/2014 Video Production

Thank you for making the extra ordinary effort to make Carly's ice skating DVD. You accomplished this in a short period of time, and worked it in with your other customer needs. You are a true professional! Thank you again, and God bless.

- Steve from Villa Hills

05/15/2014 Duplications

Had my fathers Red Cross recording from record to cd from 1943, treasured memories. Now the whole family can enjoy.Thanks so much!

- Scott from Elsmere

05/13/2014 Home Movie Transfer

We did the conventional process with another firm and decided to try scanning the film with Home Video Studio. The difference was extraordinary, and given the irreplaceable nature of the material, well worth the investment. I am grateful for the care taken in preserving these precious memories. I will not hesitate to use their services again. But this time, I will skip the 'conventional' methods.

- Mark from Cincinnati

05/01/2014 Photo Videos

Debbie, thank you so much for the PhotoVideo Keepsake commemorating our wedding. My wife and my parents all loved it. You really know how to make us cry but it was tears of joy. I will keep you in mind if I ever need anything else and will highly recommend you to my families and friends. Thanks for all your hard work and extra time on this precious project.

- Jason from Independence

04/24/2014 Video to DVD

Deborah transferred over 20 VHS tapes to DVD for me. They were old sports tapes that I wanted to preserve. The quality of the transfer is top notch along with a fair price. If I ever need to transfer additional tapes I will only use Deborah at Home Video Studio!!

- Tom from Edgewood

04/23/2014 Home Movie Transfer

Home Video Studio did an excellent job of transferring old super 8 movies to DVD. The process actually eliminated the annoying flicker of the old movies and we now have old memories preserved on the latest state-of-the-art media complete with music. Great job - thank you.

- Dale Voelker from Ft. Wright, Ky

04/21/2014 Home Movie Transfer

A great job transferring 50 year old 8mm home movies to DVD. I will be back to have Video tapes transferred. Debbie was most helpful and walked me through the process. Thank you

- Marion from Cincinnati

04/16/2014 Home Movie Transfer

Home Video Studios did a great job converting all of our home videos to DVDs (and we had A LOT!----36 cassettes!) Deborah was very personable, helpful and professional. Our new DVDs were on high quality discs, each clearly labeled and packaged in one sturdy container. I'm so glad we did this! It was an invaluable investment!

- Gina from Cincinnati

04/15/2014 Photo Videos

Thank you Debbie for taking several old, dirty and wrinkled photos, cleaning them up and creating a beautiful video of my daughter's early years. The video will make a fantastic wedding gift and I will be back with more pics. You made the process effortless and the result is OUTSTANDING!

- Greg from Verona

04/07/2014 Video Editing

This is the second time I have had the opportunity to work with Home Video Studio/Erlanger, and both experiences have been excellent. I was able to review the material online in my office which saved time and allowed the order to be processed more quickly. The quality of work and the timeliness of the order processing exceeded my expectations.

- John from Miamiville

04/07/2014 Video to DVD

Thanks so much! Our video transfers to DVD were wonderful. My wife also has 8mm film that we would like to have transferred. We'll be back!

- Jerry from Florence

04/06/2014 Home Movie Transfer

Since I have never used a professional video service before I really did not know where to turn, but I apparently made an excellent choice when I found Deborah. I had old 8MM home movies which were on a DVD and I asked her to select the best frames of me as a child with my parents to convert to a picture. With these simple instruction I turned her loose to do her job. A few days later I returned to find the pictures tugging at my heart. Her ability and talent to choose the perfect pictures was exceptional. She has an eye and a talent for her profession. If the opportunity ever arises again I will definitely be using Deborah for my professional video service needs.

- Steve from Erlanger

03/30/2014 Home Movie Transfer

Wow, what a great job. I have several 8mm films that needed to be converted to DVD. I had some of them converted and the results were just like watching the movies on our projector back in the late 60’s, I was so glad to have them put on a current format (DVD) so that we could watch them again. I then learned there was another place (Home Video Studio/Erlanger) to have this work done. I took the same 8mm films there to see if I could get a better quality picture. I was very pleasantly surprised. The quality was much better and music too. I have more films to transfer and plan to have them transferred by Debbie Williams at Home Video Studio in Erlanger. Thanks for the excellent work. I have already played both DVD for my co-workers so they could see the results. Thanks for the memories

- Robert from Villa Hills

03/29/2014 Home Movie Transfer

Deb did a great job of taking old 8mm film and transferring it to DVD's. The music added was great along with the special touches she put on the DVD itself. The quality of the transfer exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend this company for any video needs you may have. We will certainly continue to use them !

- Benita from Burlington

03/27/2014 Video Services

I am so happy that I found you online. I had many years of footage from my daughter's life that would have been gone if I had not asked you to save the day! I thought the way you labeled each disc with our memories was so personal to my family. I liked the way you transferred not only the footage, but the label information as well. I would absolutely recommend you to all my friends. In fact, I will write something and post on Facebook, because I know several people who may need your services. Thank you SO much for helping us.

- Terry from Lexington

03/24/2014 Home Movie Transfer

I appreciate the great job you did on transferring our families' old home movies so that we could enjoy them again! It had been years since we had seen them some of them and others that we had never seen before due to the old broken projector. I was shocked as to the quality in which the film transferred! I, especially, enjoyed hearing my daughter's voice at age 5 after it was transferred from an old cassette to a DVD and put into our "movie" show at my 60th Birthday party. Sorry for the time crunch, but thanks for the short turnaround.

- Carol MacKnight from Cincinnati

03/21/2014 Video Services

Thanks for doing such a wonderful job of transferring my VHS tape to DVD. I like how I have chapters available which allows me to stop on a certain part of the DVD. The quality and quickness are what I am impressed with the most. I will make sure to come back again when I need to transfer more of my film footage to DVD.

- Tim from Milford

03/03/2014 Home Movie Transfer

I had quite a few 8mm home movies in my basement that my dad had taken starting in 1947. I am amazed that Debbie at Home Video Studio was able to extract all of these old movies and put them on two DVD's. I highly recommend Home Video Studio.

- Henry Nienaber from Edgewood

02/24/2014 Video to DVD

I had a one of a kind moment that was originally captured on 8mm film and had been transferred to VHS some years ago. I have to admit I was nervous about turning it over to anyone but Deborah did a wonderful job transferring it to DVD. I feel I can relax now that it is preserved. I highly recommend Home Video.

- Nancy from White Oak

02/24/2014 Video to DVD

You took a 25 year old videocassette and turned it into a beautiful DVD of our wedding.  Your creative touch with the DVD cover and menu were an additional bonus. An artistic touch!

- Deborah from Lawrenceburg

02/17/2014 Video to DVD

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you again for such a wonderful job done with my old videos to DVD! I was impressed to see that not only did you do a fantastic job transferring everything, but to sort, label and organize into a neat little package was a very professional touch! We did not expect the creativity you used when completing our order. This was an exceptional performance by Home Video Studio. So COOL!

- Brian from Loveland

02/08/2014 Home Movie Transfer

Home video did such a great job for us. We had a bunch of old tapes from different video cameras. The tapes were all different sizes, etc. Home Video took them all and put them on DVD's. My kids could look back and see that they actually liked each other a long time ago. Haha.

- Mike Stovik from Erlanger

02/03/2014 Video to DVD

We have used Home Video Stufio on more than one occasion and have been very pleased. The service was timely, even faster than was hoped for on both occasions. But most importantly the products brought so much joy to the recipients, as they were gifts, that we consider them "priceless ." We will continue to use Home Video Studio for future media transfers and have recommended this business to family and friends. With many thanks , Wanda and Steve Arey p.s. Debbie Williams makes accomadations for delivery unbelievably easy.

- from

02/01/2014 Home Movie Transfer

Deborah's services were a blessing to my family. We had a variety of family videos on multiple formats going back many years. We need them converted to DVDs. What was a challenge to me, was simple to Deborah. She promised a date to deliver and actually finished well ahead of her estimate. Although I would have paid most anything to get this done, her pricing was very reasonable. The work she did was very professional

- Ron from Fort Thomas

01/27/2014 Home Movie Transfer

A job well done! I was very pleased. I will tell everyone interested in this service about this studio.They will be the only studio I will go to.They get 4 stars from me! Thanks again!

- Timothy McCay from Ft. Wright

01/22/2014 Home Movie Transfer

Another great job by Deborah Williams! Glad to watch the old 8MMs of my parents on DVD. Also, the transfers made an excellent Christmas gift for my brother. He really enjoyed them! Wish I would have done the transfer sooner! Keep up the great work! :)

- Robert from LAWRENCEBURG

01/06/2014 Video to DVD

I dragged my feet for too many years to convert our 8mm, VHS and Mini DVs to DVD. We even purchased a cheap computer program but the process was time consuming and I never had the time to sit down and work on it. I am so glad I made the decision to bring my home videos to Home Video Studio. It was the perfect Christmas gift for my family.

- Jennifer Hall from Fort Thomas

01/04/2014 Photo Videos

What a great job . She was able to transfer approximately four thousand photos to DVD. Also, improved the quality of those that had faded over the years. If your looking for high quality at a reasonable price, this is the place for you. I will definitely recommend HOME VIDEO STUDIO to my friends who are looking for this kind of service.

- Terry from Fort Thomas

12/30/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Awesome job on our Wedding tape conversion. My wife LOVED it! The color was great and it was nice to go back in time and relive that day. I thought the best thing was to watch it with my daughter. She was able to watch our wedding and see some of the family members in our younger days. I believe she enjoyed it more than we did! Thanks for an excellent job! I will be back with some 3" 8mm reels.

- Sam from Covington

12/30/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Oh what memories these movies brought back for my parents. They had not seen these home movies since the late 70's. The transfer looked great and now they can enjoy watching them on DVD anytime. Deborah did a great job and the communication with her was excellent. I will be sending my in-laws old films to her next. Thank you!

- Doug from Louisville

12/24/2013 Home Movie Transfer

I am very pleased with my Home Movie transfers. I have viewed the old home movies and enjoyed the soundtrack you added. It sure brought back some old memories. I am giving your name out to several of my friends and hope that they will avail themselves of your services as well. Thank you for your fine work!

- Carol from Cincinnati

12/10/2013 Video to DVD

Thanks so much, Deborah! The video came out beautifully and even though my father mostly photographed scenery, I am sure my brothers will enjoy seeing it. Thanks so much for your quick and well done job!

- Pat from Erlanger

12/09/2013 Home Movie Transfer

I had a very precious video from a personal friend that I needed transferred but did not feel comfortable sending it to an unknown source. After finding Deborah's studio and discussing my situation with her, I felt very comfortable sending my tape to her for transfer. I received the finished transfer much quicker than anticipated and was extremely pleased with her work and professionalism. I will be using Home Video Studio in Erlanger, KY again for future projects.

- Mike from Bastrop, LA

12/07/2013 Video to DVD

My wife suggested a DVD of all the family home movies as a present for a very helpful family member from another city. Deborah transferred the home movies from VHS to DVD in a timely fashion as requested. Some of these movies were 60 years old and had already been transferred from film to VHS. The resulting DVD's came out very well. The review brought back memories of relatives who have long since faded away. Thanks for the excellent job.

- Ken from Edgewood

12/02/2013 Video to DVD

I recently had Home Video Studio transfer a precious VHS tape of my deceased father's 1991 "This Is Your Life" community recognition into DVDs for my mother and 5 siblings. What joy it brought to us over the recent holiday as we remembered the event and saw so many loved ones who are no longer with us. I was very please with the turn-around time between dropping off the VHS and getting my DVDs from Home Video Studio. The quality of the product was excellent and the price beat the price offered by a popular chain store. I plan to use Home Video Studio again. I highly recommend Home Video Studio.

- Sara from Wilder

11/25/2013 Video to DVD

Thank-you very much for providing your service which will let me enjoy my transferred VHS tapes for many years to come. It now will be easy to relive memories with our family. The DVDs are high quality and the labeling will be very helpful to locate specific events. Thank you also for your personal service. It made me feel very comfortable that you showed true concern for the customer. We will certainly recommend your service to others.

- Dave from Alexandria

11/11/2013 Video to DVD

Debbie converted my videos to DVD and presented it to me great for gift-giving to my kids! I wll be doing more business in the near future with her!

- Claire from Edgewood

11/08/2013 Video to DVD

Deborah, thank you so much for the prompt service! was in a real pinch to get this transfered quickly and you pulled through. Thanks again

- Blake Dever from fort mitchell

10/31/2013 Video Production

Thanks Deborah for a great video! We get so many nice comments on it. Our corporate headquarters in NJ love it. Thanks, John Montgomery General Manager Proximo Distillers of Indiana

- John from Lawrenceburg

10/29/2013 Duplications

I couldn't be more pleased with Deborah's recent work in transferring an old VHS cassette to a DVD and making 50 copies for me to give to friends at my retirement celebration. She was helpful beyond the call of duty, and delivered what she promised, on time and cheerfully. I am happy to recommend her to anyone wanting quality results.

- Roberta Miles from Cincinnati

10/28/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Prompt service and on-time as agreed. Nicely presented as a finished product as well. Will definitely use your service next time I need it.

- David from Florence

10/28/2013 Video Production

Our company contracted Home Video Studio to make an internal promotional video to highlight some of our new products. Deborah was outstanding to work with, and was very courteous and professional. She produced, edited and proofed our video in a quick timeframe, and the resulting video has impressed all of our "VIP's". I highly recommend HVS to everyone I know for video services.

- Anthony from Lawrenceburg, IN

10/16/2013 Home Movie Transfer

My daughter was up over the weekend and we spent 4 hours watching the DVDs you created from all the old home movies I had found in the basement. You did a terrific job considering the age and quality of the film (from the 50s and 60s). Linda said she felt like most of the video she was watching for the first time. She commented several times that you had done an exceptional job of matching appropriate music to the wide range of activity. Many thanks and I look forward to working with you in the future on other projects.

- Jerry from Cincinnati

09/28/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Several months ago I decided it was time to transfer our old home movies to DVD. I did some research online and I was happy to see that an affordable option was close to home. I was very satisfied with the price, the time it took, and the quality of the work. Our family has been enjoying watching the DVDs ever since. I would definitely recommend this studio to anyone, and if we find anymore old tapes we will be going back to transfer those to DVD also.

- Mike from Batavia

09/27/2013 Home Movie Transfer

My experience with Home Video Studio started with a general conversation at the local gym with the owner of the Studio. I mentioned that I had been wanting to complete the transfer process of our childhood videos and movies before the film became unreadable. Debbie gave me her card and spoke about the "Christmas in July" Sale she was offering. After the priceless collection was dropped off to her studio, I figured the process would be very time consuming. I requested the finished product to be done before Christmas as a gift for our parents. To my surprise, the completed masterpiece was returned at the end of August, labeled and placed in a case that would hold the treasured DVDs. The quality of the DVDs were more than I expected with the age of the t apes and film. While viewing the DVDs, both my sister and I were excited to see our grandpa actually plowing the field by animal, and my grandpa on his front porch with our oldest sister. This was history in the making. Our biggest compliment is that we will return to Home Video Studio to transfer more family treasures to DVD. The entire process was truly an enjoyable experience. Sincerely, A returning customer ......

- Kathy from Florence

09/27/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Deborah Williams: Thank you so much for helping me out,. I had an 11th hour request to make my fathers 90th birthday party a hit and I owe it to you, every one loved the DVD and because of it I will be ordering more copies. Again THANK YOU Tony

- Tony Chilelli from Cold Spring Ky.

09/27/2013 Video to DVD

Debbie did an outstanding job. We brought her over 1,500 slides and 5 16 mm movies from my husband's childhood. They all had been stored a North Carolina attic for almost 15 years. She was able to color correct the slides and movies and put them on 2 DVDs. Amazing! My father-in-law was so pleased that he could look through the slides and movies on his TV. We intend to bring our own family movies to Debbie. Thanks, Debbie!

- Mary from Ft. Mitchell

09/20/2013 Home Movie Transfer

The film transfers done for our wedding are fabulous! Thank you so much!

- Peggy from Springboro

09/16/2013 Home Movie Transfer

I was thrilled to receive the DVD Saturday and I've watched it numerous times! Thank you for your helpfulness with this. I am so happy to have those memories captured on a DVD to share with family and friends.

- Grace from Baton Rouge

09/11/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Thanks Deborah for the outstanding work you did with our family videos! I love them!

- Joe from Florence

08/26/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Debbie did a terrific job transferring my old VHS's to DVD. One of my VHS' was in poor condition, and she took extra time to fix it before transferring it to DVD. She did a fantastic job, and I would highly recommend her to everyone!!

- MK from none

08/26/2013 Video to DVD

I was looking to convert my wedding videos to DVD. I didn't want to send my VHS tapes through the mail to someone I didn't meet or couldn't really explain what I wanted. Deborah was able to check the tapes with me to make sure they were what I thought they were and she even did edits to one of them to show only us in a honey moon video that was of a group of people. This was really nice and very professional looking. We reviewed some of the video during pickup which is nice to be able to do with the editor. She also delivered by the promised date which was important as it was a gift for an anniversary. Thanks Deborah!

- Noah from Cincinnati

07/31/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Thanks Debbie for an outstanding job completing the transfer of my parents home movies to dvd for their 50th wedding anniversary. My parents loved being able to enjoy their home movies again. It was a pleasure to work with you and I will be bringing more movies to you soon.

- Susan from Crescent Springs

07/20/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Debbie was able to transfer all of my old home videos to discs. They turned out great!! She did a fantastic job and it was done efficiently!

- Julie from Erlanger

07/18/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Debbie was able to convert my whole collection of movies to DVDs! I had an assortment of 3 different sized VHS and cassettes that I brought in, thinking that a few would be rejected due to the age of the tapes being incompatible with recording equipment. As a result, she WAS successful in saving all of my memories! Thank-you!!

- Connie from Florence

07/16/2013 Home Movie Transfer

LOVE the work that Debbie has completed for us. Currently have another order with her and she is completing it super fast for a special need we have. THANK YOU SO MUCH DEBBIE!

- Diana from Edgewood

07/06/2013 Video Services

Another OUTSTANDING job! I really appreciate your professional work. After my dad's projector broke, I thought we would never watch his old 8MM films again.. But thanks to you, we can watch them anytime we want!

- Robert from Lawrenceburg

07/04/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Debbie is so pleasant to work with and attentive to detail that I felt very comfortable leaving these precious videos and 8mm reels with her. The result was amazing and these DVDs are going to make a great surprise gift for my family!

- Mona from Taylor Mill

06/19/2013 Video Services

It was such an easy experience working with Deborah -- easy and quick. I was impressed too, that she took extra time to give me the added attention. I feel lucky to have found her.

- Karen Gail from Cincinnati

06/19/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Thanks Debbie for such a wonderful job transferring our vintage 8mm & 16mm family films. These films dated back to the early 1930's. It was such a treat to view these of our family, friends & ancestors. We will cherish these for generations to come. Some of these films were viewed by our family members for the first time. You brought many happy tears to my husband's uncles. Thanks again for preserving our memories. Cris

- Cris from NKY

05/26/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Outstanding job! Watching the old 8 MM movies brought back many wonderful memories. Thanks again...more transfer requests are on the way!

- Robert from LAWRENCEBURG

05/19/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Thanks Deborah, the timely manner in which you handled my needs is greatly appreciated. With short notice you took care of my transfer needs, and made several high schoolers happy in the process. Job well done!!! I will be using you again!

- Jon from Park Hills

05/13/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Thank you Debbie! Transferring all of our 8mm tapes to DVD was the perfect gift for my husbands 40th birthday!

- Heidi from Ft Thomas

05/11/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Thanks Debbie, My videos were in a box for years. I had several sizes of tapes, now they are all combined on neat CD,s to share with my grown kids!

- Connie Swann from Florence

05/04/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Thanks for all the help Debbie! It's great to know that you are available to transfer these old 8mm cassette tapes to DVD.

- Rich from Hebron

04/25/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Thanks Debbie ... everything was just GREAT!

- Ron from Cincinnati

04/18/2013 Home Movie Transfer

The video you put together was for my wife's birthday. I viewed the DVD to check it out. My wife has not seen it yet. I just wanted you to know that the DVD was VERY well done. The film was 50 plus years old and the DVD turned out great! I am sure that my wife will want to transfer the other reels of film after she views this one. Thanks!

- Bruce from Florence

04/17/2013 Home Movie Transfer



04/01/2013 Home Movie Transfer

I was so pleased to find Home Video Studio online when I decided to have copies of my VHS tape of memories we made for my in-laws in the 90s. Now, with the failing health of my mother-in-law it was so important to have those memories preserved. Debbie did a wonderful job. I have already recommended her and am getting all the home movies together to have her transfer those as well. Thank You!

- Debi Tierney from Union

03/27/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Seeing all of my vintage slides again was a real thrill. I spent the whole first day playing with them and almost every day since. My cousins are getting power points with family history. Thanks to your work on the dark slides, Debbie, my cousins and uncles have emerged from the shadows. I'm getting another batch ready for you.

- Suzanne Patrick from Walton, KY

03/21/2013 Duplications

I cannot believe how great my slides look! I haven't gotten a thing done all day from playing with them and sending them to cousins.

- Suzanne from Walton

03/09/2013 Home Movie Transfer

I have to say that taking my old home videos to Deborah to transfer to DVD was one of the best decisions I've made. The product she gives you is professional and organized and I can't believe how much fun we've all had watching the videos! Thank you so much, Deborah! I would recommend this service to anyone!

- Gina from Aurora

03/03/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Debbie did an amazing job at organizing years of home video for me. The fact that she is local is very comforting knowing I had only one copy of these old videos. The finished product was all in one box, labeled and ready to view. I can never thank her enough for the beautiful job she did.

- Heidi from Florence

02/26/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Deborah did a wonderful job transferring my old home videos. Very prompt, professional & accomodating. I will definitely use her services in the future & highly recommend .

- Judie from Bellevue

02/19/2013 Home Movie Transfer

I had excellent service and it is great to work with someone who is local

- Kary from Edgewood

02/04/2013 Video Services

I am very pleased at how easy it is to work with them. You can make all of your transactions on-line and have the finished product sent to your home. They are very efficient in getting you what you need. I will work with them again and again!

- JoAnn from Wilder

01/22/2013 Home Movie Transfer

I had looked on the Internet for places to transfer old 8 mm movies to DVD. I found places that I could ship all the original copies...I couldn't put our only copies in the mail. When I found Home Video Studio was in our area I called and talked with Debbie. She is so personable and easy to work with and the DVD's are much better than watching on the original film, I couldn't believe how well they turned out! If you have old movies that you need transferred give Debbie a will not be disappointed! Then set back and enjoy watching family members in earlier times and laugh and laugh. Nothing better! Thank you Debbie for wonderful DVD's

- Carolyn from Hebron

01/03/2013 Home Movie Transfer

My family could not have been more excited with the work Deborah did for us. All of our home videos were converted to DVD and I felt completely comfortable leaving our precious family archives in the her able hands. We spent Christmas Day watching the whole collection...laughing, crying and sharing our collective memories. Thanks so much!

- Betsy from Bellevue

12/20/2012 Photo Videos

Well, I just could not wait until Christmas to show the Fister Holiday Memories. Everyone was under my roof and the time seemed right. OMGosh, it is just fabulous! Love, love, love it.

- Vicki from Cincinnati

11/29/2012 Home Movie Transfer

I took two plastic tubs of home movies ranging from mini cassettes, microcassettes, cd's and other cassettes from old video cameras. Some stuff was so old, I didn't even know what was on it! I got back from Debbie 3 sleek boxes containing 75 DVDs all labeled and organized and watchable! I'm going to make copies and give these to my kids. They have never seen these videos from when they were kids. Thanks so much! Dione

- Dione from Cincinnati

11/05/2012 Home Movie Transfer

I highly recommend Debbie at Home Video Studio if you are looking to transfer your old home movies to DVD. Debbie was wonderful to work with. She was kind, helpful and knowledgeable. She completed my order in a timely manner as promised. I am really enjoying watching my old movies, it is so easy now! Thank you, Debbie!!!

- Tracy from Cincinnati

11/04/2012 Home Movie Transfer

We finally got to sit down and watch the DVDs you made for us. They were really good and we enjoyed them. Thank you again!

- Frank & Karen from Batavia, OH

11/01/2012 Video to DVD

....great service, outstanding slide restoration: top-notch rating from a satisfied customer! My two sisters from opposite sides of the U.S.A. worked out arrangements to visit our handicapped brother in TX. With time running short, they asked me to ship our Dad's slides and projector so they would have something memorable to do during the visit; afterward, these would, of course, have to be sent back. As a better alternative, I contacted Deborah Williams, Owner & Producer of Home Video Studio, Erlanger, KY. We discussed the magnitude of the project (estimated at 1000 slides in trays) and the date needed...a week and two days. She said the normal time would be three weeks, but she would do it. We ordered four sets of DVDs, each set including computer and TV compatible disks, the latter with background music and dates. Well, she had to work through the night on her birthday, but completed the 1057 slide order ON TIME for mailing. More family joined the gathering when they learned the "entertainment" was "grandpa's" slides., and the show was greatly enjoyed by all. They watched TV format on the first night and, with another group, the computer format on the second night. All were impressed with the job done by Home Video Studio, Erlanger, KY. Slides taken between 1956 and 1981 were brought back to life through meticulous, individual, color correction, and the restored photos were archived on 100-year , "platinum" disks for the next generations to enjoy! I commend Deborah Williams for the Huculean effort in meeting our very tight schedule, without compromising quality of the color correction and individual attention necessary to provide a restored end product. My next project for Home Video Studio, Erlanger, KY, will be to convert my 8mm movies to DVDs for our soon as I find them (the movies; not the kids, that is)!

- Clement from Batesville, IN

10/10/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Debbie was friendly and quick. We had a fast deadline and she was more then happy to accommodate our need. The product turned out great. I was very happy with the services I received.

- Aaron from none

09/12/2012 Home Movie Transfer

We were able to save memories from VHS tapes that I thought may be lost. Great job and service! Thanks!

- Kris Schillings from Florence

09/03/2012 Video Editing

I can't wait until the kids see their baseball games from 20 years ago with the wonderful editing and labels, Deborah added. I may not be able to wait until Christmas.

- Suzanne Patrick from Walton, KY

09/02/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Deborah is great she even helped after I left Cincinnati to Vancouver where I live now. Very quick and great service!!

- from

08/21/2012 Home Movie Transfer

I have used Home Video Studio to get my old 8 mm films converted to DVDs. I had three DVDs done by them. Member Comments: I thought they did an excellent job. I liked working with the owner of the franchise, Debbie. She was easy to reach. I think I found them through the internet; I liked their advertisement. The website had a lot of demonstrations on what they did; I liked their website. I had old 8 mm films from 1946 to 1981. I did not know if they could be restored. So, I talked to them and decided to use them. The results were much better than what I had expected. There were things that I could not see when I played the films back, but I could see them well when I played the DVD. I would say that the price I paid was fair. The result I thought was excellent. I wish they were cheaper, but I am not sure if they could have been. The films took three DVDs. I really liked them. They were polite, nice, and timely. They communicated with me more than I had expected. I felt safe in handing over my memories to them.

- Jill from Dayton

08/16/2012 Home Movie Transfer

I had some of our home movies transferred from VHS to DVD as a gift for my dad for Father's Day. Debbie did an amazing job, and my dad was so pleased he immediately sent me to have all the rest of the old VHS tapes transferred as well. We were so excited to see the movies, that we hadn't watched in years, that we watched every single DVD in one day, We laughed for hours and it was heart warming to hear my grandfather's voice, who passed away in 2002, for the first time in a decade. It was a wonderful gift for my father and the quality was remarkable.

- Kathryn Larcher from Walton, KY

08/07/2012 Home Movie Transfer

I was so pleased when I finally took the time to take all my old VHS home movies and have them put onto DVDs! I gave Deborah a bin full of VHS tapes and she turned them into organized DVDs!! She was a pleasure to work with and I am very happy with the outcome!

- Helen from Ft. Thomas

07/09/2012 Home Movie Transfer

It was a very good experience. We are very pleased with the DVDs that were transfered. It was also very easy to work with Deborah. We will be back for more.

- Jo Ann from Wilder

07/05/2012 Home Movie Transfer

WOW! We had our old family 8 mm & super-8 home movies transferred to DVD. They were from 1944 to 1980. The result was sooo impressive. Parts that I thought were such poor quality came out great! We now have a video history for ourselves and for our children and grandchildren. They bring back such great memories for us; many thanks Debbie for a superior job!

- Jill Berkheimer from Springboro, Ohio

06/17/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Just finished watching an old video of my dad that I had transferred from VHS to DVD. It was so amazing to see him and hear his voice after so many years. I waited a really long time to have the video transferred because I was so afraid that it would be ruined in the process, but I had it done by a friend that has her own business and I'm so glad I did. Thank you once again Debbie Houchins Williams.

- Maureen from Ft. Thomas

05/29/2012 Home Movie Transfer

I wanted to thank you so much. This meant the world to me. I got to see my mom and hear her laugh once again... I also got to see my oldest son when he was just 5 months old. He is now 19... thank you again SO much.

- Consuelo from Hamilton

05/17/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Debrah was very easy to work with. The transfer went better than I expected.We had not looked at these movies for over 30 years.The film was very old at Least 40 years old. The d v d turned out very good. Thank you Debrah.

- Bob from Peterburg

05/14/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Debbie did everything to make the process easy and quick for us, and the final product is professional and great quality. Wonderful to have the DVDs and never have to worry about those precious home tapes getting melted/broken/etc. Thanks!

- Chip from Cincinnati

05/14/2012 Duplications

Working with Deborah was great! She is very professional, has a great studio, and does wonderful work. I will be using Deborah again in the future, and I would highly reco her to anyone!

- Liz Rudd from Taylor Mill

05/01/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Debbbie did a great job. Very caring and friendly service. DVD are awesome and my kids are enoying them everyday

- Larry Pyle from Erlanger

04/20/2012 Photo Videos

Debbie took a collection of photos and made a video that I gave to my wife as a surprise for our 20th anniversary. Due to a family illness I was strapped for time and she was very accomodating in working with me to get it done on time. Her work far exceeded my expectations. She made our special occasion something that we will remember for years to come. I would highly recommend her work. Thanks Deb!

- Rod Baker from Maysville

04/20/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Deborah transfered two old VHS taps to DVD that were very precious to me that I didn't want to hand over to just anyone for fear of getting lost or destroyed. She assured me that she could take the utmost care of the tapes. Her service provides email statuses on where she is in the process and I had the tapes and DVDs back in no time! The DVDs are perfect and I love watching them! I can't wait to show my family at our next big gathering. She completely understood how important these memories were to me and that this wasn't just a video, but so much more. The cost was very reasonable and the turn around time was excellent. I'd highly recommend Deborah's services to anyone who needs their old format videos transferred.

- Maureen from Fort Thomas

04/10/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Debbie was very caring and understanding in my needs for our home movies transfer. I am so delighted with the final product and will definitely watch home movies more often now than before the transfer. She completed our transfer of almost 80 tapes in 2-3 weeks and we are very satisfied. I was also happy with the final cost as these will last forever.

- Pat from Cincinnati

04/02/2012 Home Movie Transfer

The transfer you did for us is unbelievable ! Those 8 mm had been sitting around for 33 years ! They came out great ! Thx a whole bunch!

- Kevin from Erlanger

03/07/2012 Home Movie Transfer

I received excellent service and fair and competitive pricing. The end product was done perfectly and beyond my expectation. I highly recommend Debby for any of her services. Doug Cull

- Doug C from FORT THOMAS

01/31/2012 Home Movie Transfer

I appreciate how promptly you got our video transfers back to us. We watched one of the dvds the other night. What a treat! They do grow up way too fast don't they? Glad there's one more thing I can mark off my list.

- Kim from Cincinnati

01/12/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Quality workmanship and professional friendly service! Save time, money and sanity with the Home Video Studio. Thank you for bringing the gift left to me by my father to life!

- Dina K. from NKY

01/11/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Your copies of our 25 year old VHS were a great hit with our now-grown kids this Christmas. The quality was excellent.

- Suzanne Patrick from NKY

01/04/2012 Video to DVD

HVS did a great job even in a very tight time crunch. We were really happy with the way our video turned out and how helpful Deborah was throughout the entire process. If you need any type of video transfer, editing or production help, HVS is the place to go!!!

- Nikki Hyden from Edgewood

12/01/2011 Photo Videos

Thanks for the work you did for us!!! We love having so many cherished memories on a DVD!!! They look wonderful!!!

- Kate from Melbourne

10/23/2011 Home Movie Transfer

I am thrilled with the care and attention that Home Video Studio spent with me in getting my old films transferred. Not only did they save all my family memories to DVD, but they gave me the peace of mind in making additional copies. My children will each have a copy to cherish and hand down.

- Annabelle from Cncinnati

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